Teenager Shares Invasive Demand from Her Boyfriend’s Mom, Sparks Outrage

An 18-year old woman is currently trending online after she slammed her boyfriend’s mom over a highly invasive dating question that she was asked, says a report on Yahoo News.

Reporting the incident in Reddit’s AITA (Am I the Asshole) forum, the young lady described how she went over to her boyfriend's parents' house for dinner for the first time and was met with more than just food on the dining table. She was offered a birth control class alongside her meal.

In her words, “So I met my boyfriend’s parents for the first time last week and we had dinner. During dinner, we were talking and his mother asked me if I was on the pill right in front of my boyfriend, his twin brother and his father.”

As is to be expected from any person publicly confronted with such an interrogation, the teenager admits she was caught off guard, however, that didn’t stop her from responding to the question, “I was very embarrassed and I told her no” she wrote on Reddit, but apparently, that wasn’t the response her boyfriend’s mom had been looking for, so the woman proceeded to offer some unsolicited advice.

“She said that I would have to go on it if I wanted to date her son and that I would need to prove that I was on it next time I met her.”

Although it would have been interesting to know the exact proof that the overbearing mom wanted to see, this wasn’t stated in the story, instead, the teenager said she had enough of the invasion and merely left the table, “I got quite upset at this as it was very embarrassing for me. I apologized and stated that I would be leaving when she told me that I was being rude and it was only a question. At this point, I kind of snapped and told her that it was a very personal question and she shouldn't have asked me that in front of everybody and that if she had asked me in private maybe it would be different.”

In a surprising twist, the young woman reported that she had been called “kind of an asshole,” for walking out of the highly uncomfortable situation, “I’ve told other people this story and they told me I was kind of an asshole about it but I would like to know what you guys think?” she asked Reddit.

The Reddit post has gathered close to 800 comments, with a majority of the site’s users convincing the young lady that she did the right thing walking away from the situation.

“OP {the teenager} shouldn't have answered her {the boyfriend’s mom}question," wrote one user, "Instead maybe OP should ask to see the parents’ medical records before she risks a possible pregnancy with their son. Inquire about inheritable diseases, alcoholism, mental problems, longevity, convictions, divorces, illegitimacy etc., in their family lines. Tell them that you hope rudeness isn't inherited.”

Another user wrote “I have an IUD. How should I prove that? Jump up and down and hope that it rattles?”

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