Ottawa – One of the best places for tourists

Ottawa is Canada's capital with numerous historic and cultural sights that tourist simply must visit. When in Ottawa, you can have lots of fun, learn a lot, eat well and have great time-definitely all the right reasons to add Ottawa to your must-visit list. Keep on reading to find out must-see recommendations when you come to Ottawa.

1. The National Gallery of Canada

The National Gallery of Canada was first supposed to be a manifest and presentation of local art home to national cultural legacy that in time became one of the world's best art museums with collections of art, with over 35.000 exhibits at the moment. Besides permanent exhibitions there are always standing programs that support development of children interest in art and culture. 

2. The Canadian Museum of Civilization

The Canadian Museum of Civilization is natural history museum that puts primary focus on Canadian culture and history and culture that is presented in a way which is interesting for both adults and children. Within is also great Canadian Children's Museum that focuses on developing child's interest in natural sciences and learning. The museum is situated by the Ottawa River and in sunny weather visitors can spend quality time in front of the museum, enjoying in nature and in view of the Parliament Hill. 

4. Rideau Hall

Another lovely attraction in the Ottawa area is Rideau Hall is another interesting tourist attraction. Rideau Hall was the residence of Canadian Governor-General (this is Queen's representative in Canada) since 1867. Rideau Hall is just few minutes away from city center and when visiting other interesting spots in center, you can walk to it to enjoy tours of the public rooms of residence and of the grounds- for free. These tours are organized all year-round.

Get the feel of the Cold War

The Diefenbunker is Canadian Cold War Museum, bunker built underground for the Canadian officials in a case of a nuclear attack. Here you can visit the emergency broadcasting studio, the war room, as well as the prime minister’s secret room. All of these rooms are well-preserved ever since the 1960s.




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