Where to Eat in São Paulo A Quick Guide

São Paulo, Brazil´s largest city, is in great part a big bowl of restaurants. From the world famous “Churrasco” (Brazilian barbecue) to incredible fresh sushi, São Paulo is simply a place where one cannot say it kept hungry for finding nothing to eat. We listed below some of our favorites and nicest restaurants in São Paulo from the rank of the Tripadvisor´s website, The Fork (http://www.thefork.com/restaurant+sao-paulo):

A Figueira Rubayat

Figueira Rubayat is remarked for serving some of the best steaks in town. The century old fig tree located on the center of the restaurant not only gives the name of the restaurant but is, apart from the food, the attraction of this restaurant. All the architecture of the restaurant was developed in order to fit the fig tree´s branches.

Varanda Grill

Other restaurant famous for its stakes. The menu features three traditional barbecue schools: Argentina, US and Brazil. The unique kobe beef, extracted from Japanese Wagyu cattle, is one of many star dishes of this restaurant. The “picanha”, a typical Brazilian cut from the top rump near the back of the cattle, is also a great (not to say mandatory) order. The wine list is equally attractive, with 400 labels selected the choice of connoisseurs.


Awarded with a star in The Michelin Guide 2016. Toshio Murakami is the celebrity chef behind Kinoshita, implementing Japanese Kappo Cuisine style in São Paulo. Tasty dishes of different textures are the hallmark of the restaurant. The restaurant has four spaces to eat: on the traditional Japanese mat, on the balcony, on the lounge and also on the sushi bar. Their staff is very helpful and sushimen interact in a professional and friendly manner with clients.

Esquina Mocotó

Awarded with a star in The Michelin Guide 2016. Chef Rodrigo Oliveira creates dishes based on a mixture of sea and land based on the culinary of the Northern area of Brazil, known as “Sertão”. It has an excellent wine list to draw attention with most South American and Portuguese labels, as well as beers and spirits, in addition to the delicious caipirinhas. The food is exquisite and well served.


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