South Dakota witness recalls UFO-EBE encounter -- On March 5 2011 near Eagle Butte, South Dakota a employee at the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (Reservation), a security guard at a casino was driving home alone after work when he began seeing red lights around 11:40 pm resembling softballs and hundreds of them that were apparently spinning around the car this while driving south on Highway 20.

The red balls, seemingly hundreds of them, kept pace with the vehicle for a couple of miles. The lights never did get very close to the car, and stayed at about 2 car-lengths away.

After a couple of miles the car began to slow down, it slowed down to about 40mph, and it wouldn’t go any faster.

Then the red lights just disappeared in plain sight.

The car then sped up back to 60mph. He then reached to where a gravel road meets highway 63 (he had turned into highway 63 by now) at one of the wind block ‘experiment stations’ or soil erosion experimentation. At that point he began getting goose-bumps all over his body, a sort of tingly cold feeling all over his body.

The witness then saw this ‘thing’ on the side of the road where the gravel road meets the main highway and before he knew it was by the car. It then reached in and touched the witness’s head through the windshield and ran its hand down the witness back. His back got extremely hot.

He described the creature [apparent alien] as having an oblong-shaped head, a really thin body, thin arms and legs. It was translucent and glowing like a very dim light-bulb, and he could see through it. Its eyes were the size of humans, and it had a really long nose and a huge mouth. Its arms were like sticks and it had its really thin stick-like arms stretched out, these also glowed softly.

It was around 4foot tall. At this point the witness saw another creature [apparent alien] on the other side of the road (left hand side) he described the second creature as ‘horrifying’ with a beast-like wrinkled face, squat in appearance and about the size of a ‘goat’. It was glowing reddish brown in color. As soon as he saw the second creature it seemed to vanish. The first creature apparently remained by the vehicle for about 10 minutes as the tingly feeling would not go away.

The witness eventually drove away and began to feel better as he approached a Bison farm about 15 miles from Eagle Butte. According to his wife he was in a very agitated state when he arrived home.

Reference: MUFON CMS


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