Some UFOs could be projections says Alex Jones

Alex Jones suggests that the willing disclosure of UFO sightings into mainstream news is not a part of a new spirit of openness.  Rather, Alexa Jones suggests that current UFO disclosures are part of  psychological warfare and manipulation.  Alex Jones elaborates that technology has been developed to project UFOs, which are then reported by the corporate media.  Some 9/11 truth researchers have similarly suggested that "hollographic aeroplanes" masking missles, had struck to the World Trade Center buildings on 9/11.

Could UFOs and depicted aliens in Hollywood movies be part of a future scenario of a alien invasion of hollograms, that will rally humanity to acquiesce to global military dictatorship?  Alex Jones elaborates in the video that hoaxes like 9/11 in his view, are being contrived by elites, and "UFO disclosure" by these same elites, appear to be part of a New World Order agenda.  Dr. Michael Salla and David Icke suggests that Manipulative Extraterrestrials are orchestrating themselves to be the religiously imbued "saviours" in a "Second Coming" against invading hollographic UFOs populated by technologically sophisticated mechanically controlled entities.  

to global military dictatorship?


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