Russian Witnesses recall UFO-EBE encounter — During the Russian civil war in the year 1920 somewhere in the Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine (a Soviet province at the time), a mobile Red Army group was moving along a local road in the rugged mountains of the Peninsula. There were a total of five soldiers including one woman. They were moving in a car wagon and were armed with rifles and “Maksim” machine guns.

They then noticed a lighted area on the side of the road and then stopped near the road, prepared their
weapons and began to check the area. They soon came upon a strange dome-shaped object on the ground and several tall figures walking near the object. The figures were described as dressed in a kind of armored suit, resembling chainmaille. These figures were about 2 metres in height, or perhaps taller.

Thinking that these were foreign enemies, the group prepared to fire upon the strangers with their Maksim machine guns but were suddenly blinded by a bright flash of light and knocked down loosing consciousness. When they regained their senses gain, the object and the strange figures had disappeared.

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