Cigar-shaped UFO reported over Michigan

A Waterford, MI, witness reports watching two cigar-shaped objects with "a dark spot in the centre" crossing the sky without sound that moved into a cloud "and never came out," according to recent testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The "black band" on the cigar-shaped UFO has been reported in several other cases recently; and the cigar shape in particular has been reported more frequently this year than in the past several years.

The witness first thought the object was an airplane reflecting the sun.

"I looked directly at the object from its side, which was facing me to the east, as the object itself traveled in a northerly direction," the witness stated. "From my standpoint, it became obvious that the craft had no wings, but at first appeared to be all white in a cigar shape with a dark spot in the center."

The witness described the object.

"I could hear no noise from it that I could tell and I also noted that the dark spot toward the object's center may have been due to a change or irregularity in the object's shape and construction. Possibly this was an illusion created by the sun's reflection off the object's bright, white surface due to such a shape. The object held its course at a steady air speed and entered a large cloud."

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DISCLAIMER: David Icke and Alex Jones discuss in the above video, that many UFOs are virtual reality “augmented holograms” created by a consortium of elites and Manipulative Extraterrestrials for psychological warfare against humanity. Such “augmented holograms” are Computer Generated Images (CGI) which are three dimensional in nature. Apparently the architects of such holograms are designed to then “tap into the minds” of humans, like some kind of interactive video game.

Mr. Icke’s links many UFO sightings to an elite orchestrated “problem-reaction-solution” model. Dr. Michael Salla links this context to a Military-Industrial-Extraterrestrial Complex (MIEC) that seeks to “unify” the world on lies and fear, as a further extension of the “War against Terrorism“..

What is the apparent goal of the MIEC presented by Dr. Salla? David Icke suggests the goal is to support the necessity of an upfront “World Government” that is a de facto Military Dictatorship. Such a “New World Order” would, however, be backed by the same regressive aliens and elites that would have been responsible for the staged alien invasion.

As Alex Jones and David Icke point out, the Orwellian orchestrators of the War on Terror, rely on constructed terrorists as the “Enemies of the People”. Such an orchestration supports the military designs of elites. Mr. Jones and Mr. Icke suggests that many UFO sightings today are part of the early phase of the attempt to orchestrate Extraterrestrial versions of “Osama Bin Laden”.

Elites will point to the need to give all money into further expanded military programs to “save humanity” from Hollywood-like “UFO entities” that happen to be the very creations of the human operatives of the Manipulative Extraterrestrials.

The ancient Pagan Gnostics described by Dr. John Lash, suggest that the very Manipulative Extraterrestrials described by David Icke, (and other modern investigative researchers) are inter-dimensional “mind parasites”. Indeed, Manipulative Extraterrestrials have been often witnessed without any accompanying UFO sighting. Please see for examples of Extraterrestrial sightings.

Pagan Gnostics insight also suggest that UFOs are often used by Manipulative Extraterrestrials to project a “supernatural image”. That presents a simulated technological image of “advancement” which then diverts human attention from the mind-oriented inter-dimensional nature of a threat against human sovereignty, as identified by ancient Pagan Gnostics, indigenous elders, David Icke, and other investigative researchers.

Alfred Webre elaborates that through the saturation of UFO Visual Images, the Manipulative Extraterrestrial Industrial Complex documented by Dr. Michael Salla, is pursuing a last ditch effort to incite fear into the human populace.

“Having know that humans have a very strong visual memory, and an accompanying emotional response and connection to visual memory these malevolent entities are attempting to incite fear with this saturation of visual images of apparent "UFOs" in tandem with the entertainment media (the movie industry which is controlled by MIEC).”

Mr. Webre links many UFO sightings to augmented reality holographic technology that is being executed in collusion with Hollywood film producing operates.

“In the summer of 2011 there has been an elevated amount of large scale movies of ETs invading Earth, or attacking Earth, blowing up cities, killing hundreds of people, etc. [with television back-up: think "Falling Skies"] all in an attempt to promote a False Flag invasion scenario.”


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