Fukushima: Extraterrestrial War in the 1930’s linked to experiments against humankind

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Investigative researchers like Dr. Chris Busby, and independent journalists continue to report that Fukushima is getting worse. There has been no information that the original crises has ended. Relatively few of us as human beings, seem to care. But, how many things in our lives are more important than safeguarding our environment from the spread of an utterly destructive and deadly radiation? Our apparent generally apathetic attitude to such this crises, is an apparent enforced state of consciousness. The apparent coordinated information blackout among media and government sources, on the reporting of the on-going crisis which includes radiation monitoring, has sought to reinforce human disconnectedness on Fukushima.

David Icke suggests that we, as humans, must seek to overcome genetic manipulations and oppression by Manipulative Extraterrestrials, in order to prevent the apocalyptical destruction of humankind that Manipulative Extraterrestrial are apparently working toward through Fukushima.

Alex Collier’s insights suggests results from an Extraterrestrial War that had taken place in a former time line. In that former time line, genetic experiments were apparently carried out against human beings. Alex Collier suggests that appreciating the context of an unfolding Extraterrestrial War against humanity, is part of appreciating the significance of Fukushima. Alex Collier had in fact, forecasted the occurrence of Fukushima in a video that he recorded in 1995, based upon his self-described Ethical Extraterrestrial contacts. Alex Collier’s representation, that Fukushima was an artificially contrived event, is further supported by investigative researchers like Jim Stone, who had also apparently worked for the U.S. government.

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The apparent goal of such alien experiments that had been launched against humankind in the outbreak of an Extraterrestrial War (in a former time line) was apparently intended to genetically manipulate Earthbound humans. Nigel Kerner, Dr. Michael Salla, and other investigative researchers have documented the continuation of such apparent experimentation, through the alien abduction phenomenon. Such abductions where also documented by the late Harvard professor John Mack.

The apparent result of such regressive alien manipulation against Earthbound humans, has been to apparently break down our sense of human interconnectedness to each other, and also to our environment. Our ability as humans to perceive the urgency of Fukushima, and then to act upon that urgency has been apparently subverted from a former time line.

Alex Collier insights suggests that Fukushima is one of many regressive alien-orchestrated events that were spawned by a Manipulative Extraterrestrial intrusion which had taken place in a former time line.

The article “Fukushima linked to Extraterrestrial War on Earth during the 1930’s” published in The Canadian, presented Alex Collier’s insights on an regressive alien intrusion into human reality. Alex Collier is a self-described contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials called ‘Andromedans ‘

Mr. Collier relates information (that he says he obtained from the Adromendans) of an Extraterrestrial War that took place on Earth in the early 1930’s. However, we, as humans, are not aware of such a “War of the Worlds” taking place, because the human allies and Manipulative Extraterrestrial protagonists of that war, (after having infiltrated our time-space), then selectively altered the “official record” of human history.

The result, in part, is that human memory of such a war was “erased” from our “official time”. Our current time line therefore reflects the alteration which took place. Ethical Extraterrestrials operating on a higher-dimensional consciousness would be able to witness such an alteration, and then report to human contactees, like Alex Collier, about the nature of such time-space alterations.

The war that Alex Collier describes, has been an ongoing intergalactic and interdimensional war between “reptilian” Manipulative Extraterrestrials from a lower-dimensional consciousness, and higher dimensional beings that include ‘cosmic’ humans.

Alfred Lambremont Webre also wrote about this reported interdimensional war in Examiner.com. He referred to an intergalactic war between Ethical Human Extraterrestrials and Manipulative Extraterrestrials in his article titled: ET Council: War with grey-Draco reptilian ETs is won, no false flag ET invasion”.

Alex Collier presents in the above video that Earthbound humans were apparently entrapped in this “holographic” universe through either black or worm holes. Alex Collier further suggests that our ancestors as human beings, were separated from a much larger population group of humans. As war continued to rage on between Manipulative Extraterrestrials and cosmic humans with their allies, the ancestors of Earthbound human beings were taken as some sort of “Prisoners of War”, with the goal to exploit ‘Earth humans’ from time to time, has a “natural resource”.

Self-described contactee information suggests Earthbound humans that became effective “Prisoners of War” in this holographic universe that became separated from a much larger population of ‘cosmic humans‘. Mr. Collier’s insights suggests that ancestors of Earthbound humans who were separated from a much larger population of more than 100 billions humans, must have then been rounded up en masse, amidst confusion, in globally erected mass concentration camps. In such concentration camps controlled by both the Manipulative Extraterrestrials and the Collier-described Nazi scientists (that experimented with time travel and that were apparently responsible for bringing in the Manipulative Extraterrestrials which they had sought to contact from lower dimensional realities. Entrapped Earthbound Humans would have been rounded-up, and subjected to the beginning of a process of regressive alien genetic experimentation over successive generations.

The Jewish concentration camps of the late 1930s that we, as humans, officially experienced, would have been only a small sampling of the global wide concentration camps that took place in former human reality.

In other words, there were two different “1930’s” based upon Mr. Collier’s insights. We can “label” the “first 1930’s” as the former time line that experienced an Extraterrestrial War precipitated by the Nazi scientists who sought to contact regressive aliens to enable their conquest agenda.

We can “label” the “second 1930’s” or timeline “B” that forms our official history book, as a new time line that had been created, after the regressive aliens and the Nazis, went back in time, and socially engineered Earth in events that apparently include installing organized religions, corresponding oppressive empires including Egypt, along with the Pyramid structures that are also apparently found on Mars and on the Moon.

Both 9/11 and 3/11 Fukushima are apparently among the modern day manipulations of regressive aliens in relationship to ‘11’ as a factor in alien numerology. In the Christian Bible, that Dr. John Lash links to the “humanized face of aliens”, along with Judaism and Islam, and 11, are apparently linked with “Judgement” by an alien God/

We can refer to “1930’s - A” , in relationship to the humans in the former timeline. Based upon Mr. Collier insights, the separated humans the constitute the ancestral pool of Earthbound humans, would have been treated somewhat analogous to race horse/dog breading and lab rats by aliens and the collaborators. Today’s dominant population group of Earthbound humans, would have been the products of generations of breeding manipulations that also apparently spawned “races“ seen on Earth today.

In genetically breeding races, Manipulative Extraterrestrials would have sought to maintain a philosophy of “divide and conquer”.

Have you ever noticed that 9/11 had a similar pattern of events that occurred in the beginning to Nazi Germany? Indeed, there is a plethora of analysis by learned researchers who have compared 9/11 to the burning of the Reichstag. Just do a casual Google search to read more about this comparison.

Mr. Collier’s insights further illuminates this context in relation to his representation on Manipulative Extraterrestrial time travel.

Alex Collier also suggests that when Manipulative Extraterrestrial selectively “re-created” events leading into the “1930’s - B” and World War II, they mislead Earthbound humans to think that the Nazi were eventually defeated. But the other “World War II” so-to-speak, eventually “played out”, with the Nazis winning it, with Manipulative Extraterrestrials, through an interdimensional and war that entrapped part of cosmic humanity.

The “interdimensional war” of the early “1930’s - A” that the Nazi and Manipulative Extraterrestrials apparently won, was then “replayed” as “World War II” in the “re-launched 1930’s - B” -- the latest of many wars and battles on Earth against humans, that was selectively orchestrated by ‘regressive aliens’.

Alex Collier also suggests that the Moon has been a pivotal base of regressive alien military operation in the aftermath of the Extraterrestrial War in ‘1930’s - A‘, that was recorded by indigenous and ancient people to have “mysteriously” appeared in Earth’s horizon.

We, as humans, perceive the Nazis as being defeated, but Alex Collier suggests that Nazis along with the Manipulative Extraterrestrial allies were never defeated. However, they have demonstrated their continual control through 9/11, and apparent related events which mimic Nazi Lebensraum in “World War II”. Indeed, if you Google, various researchers link the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill is some sort of commemoration of Hitler Birthday on April 20, 1889. The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill had also taken place on ‘April 20’.

The appearance of the Moon, as viewed from Earth by our ancestors, was an apparent sign of an interdimensional shift instigated by Manipulative Extraterrestrials and a clique of human allies. Alex Collier elaborates that the Moon is an artificial satellite that is linked to an ongoing Manipulative Extraterrestrial war and corresponding oppression against Earthbound humans.

Fukushima is apparently the latest part of a calculated alien agenda that has been prescribed by apparently transcribed alien texts, like the Book of Revelation, and by other such apocalyptical organized religious texts.

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