Fukushima to Wars: How aliens manipulate humankind

Is Fukushima, and an apparent context of perpetuated war symptomatic of regressive alien control as Sherry Shriner seem to imply in the following article?

If you sit back and analyze how things are run, one thing is evident: That power on earth is in the hands of a nefarious few and they are not human.

Humans are apparently controlled by “non-terrestrials“ that preside over a matrix of control.

A controls B, B controls C, C controls D, D controls E, E controls F, F controls G, G controls H, H controls I, I controls J, J controls K, K controls L, L controls M, M controls N, N controls O, O controls P, P controls Q, Q controls R, R controls S, S controls T, T controls U, U controls V, V controls W, W controls X, X controls Y, Y controls Z, Z controls A. Everything runs in a circle.

Every person born and every group we form whether it be a government, church, religion, military, association, organization, cult or secret society falls into the circle somewhere.

Some people like to organize the control structure we are under in a pyramid. Of course it leaves out the individual aspect and each block of a pyramid is a organized group of some kind whether it be government, secret society or whatever. But from what I see and the way I look at it, a circle of madness is more like it.

We generally don't see the aliens, and we don't understand all the details of how they operate and most don't even care. Many aren't even aware they exist and have the mentality that if they do exist then "out of sight out of mind". And that is why our world is an illusion to the scoundrels and they are trying to tell us the same.

While we are busy with our lives, we never see the total dominance and control they have over our earth and mostly everyone in it. We don't see their charade. Their spiritual warfare is an ongoing battle.

Many people have been apparently chip implanted as babies or through abduction experiences, so they can be tracked. And most of them have absolutely no memory of it. In this way, no matter where they go they can be located. Their name is put on a list and assigned to a group of aliens who then keep them under surveillance.

For the aliens, they can sit in their mother ships or even travel around in UFOs and go from person to person on their list to see what they are up to. From the air, perhaps hundreds or even thousands of miles up into our atmosphere they can target exactly where someone in particular is. Even if that person is sitting on a couch in their home the aliens can zero in on their exact location.

This is how our government and militaries came up with satellite technology and even chip implantation. The ideas themselves were nothing new, the scoundrels have been doing it for centuries. But they were given to human operatives, so humans could mimic or even duplicate the technology and operate it on earth.

So all the technology they have in the air they are duplicating on earth so that regressive alien entities can control the people on earth, from earth, when he and his scoundrels are stuck here.

Some people describe being abducted by aliens and chip implanted on a UFO. Others describe being taken to a military base or military hospital of some kind where they saw military people and were chip implanted by them. Reportedly, both regressive aliens and governments are involved with the chip implantation of people for their own separate agendas to track and control humans on earth.

Why do they want to track you? The aliens use it so they can manipulate people. Perhaps they send information to their demonic realm toward parasitic control of human minds.

You can see the same technology the aliens use has made its way into our government and military in what is termed as black technology. A lot of what the aliens can do our government is now capable of doing. This is why there are so many joint human and alien underground bases around the world. This is where the aliens teach humans how to duplicate their technology and develop it for themselves. Why would they give them their technology? So the aliens can use it and operate it on earth for themselves when the time comes. Of course they don't tell the humans that part of it.

Some people might think this is all fiction. But I can assure you it is reality.

Let me further attempt to explain reality as I see it and have learned it:

There's a alien dimension plane just outside of most of Earthbound humans sensory awareness that seek to controls everyone and everything in the physical realm that human experience.

With the lure of advanced technology they have deceived the governments on earth to work with them and receive this technology for themselves. And as it was revealed to me a couple of years ago, people who become involved with the regressive aliens will most assuredly through their capitalist ego, get possessed and overtaken by them.

There are more humans than aliens and demons combined and these wicked scoundrels want human bodies on earth to operate in this realm with, so they take over human bodies via soul scalping or possess them in any number of ways that I mentioned in my article Satan Is On The Prowl at http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/prowl.htm. such as foetal abductions, soul scalping, cloning, mind fragmentation, and so on.

The wicked entice people and governments to work with them such as reportedly making treaties with them.

In doing so, an entire shadow government was put in place to conceal what was going on and deny the fact that aliens even existed.

What did the aliens get out of the deal? They got the approval from our government to abduct citizens for breeding experiments and to be eaten as food.

I don't think I would be to far out on the limb to suggest that this shadow government has now merged with the public persona government. They seem to be one and the same now.

The apparent problem apparently goes beyond the government and military. The wicked have moved from one end of our society to the other overtaking and possessing religious leaders, leaders in the media, celebrities, musicians, artists, magicians, publishers, authors, teachers, scientists, doctors, those leading technological advancement and those who control and run our economies. Every area you can think of they dominate through the humans they possess.

There isn't a religion in the world that hasn't escaped their dominance in it such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormonism, Catholicism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Judaism, Pauline Christianity, literally all and every religion in the world practiced today.

Regressive aliens use religions to further their agendas on earth.

Today aliens possess religious leaders because many of them who thought they were seeking to serve “God” instead unknowingly sworn oaths of loyalty to regressive aliens which orchestrated the organized religion in the first place, through elites.

Energy Vampires

Besides manipulating the humans on earth through chip implants and possession aliens feed off of human energy also reportedly called “loosh“. To duplicate this on earth, various pagan practices include learning how to 'suck the energy out of people' have been developed.

To obtain loosh emotions must be stimulated within people that can be harvested by them such as fear, terror, horror, suffering, abuse, and even death. On the flip side they can also feed off the deceptions they instigate.

The more “loosh“, the more power. In this way aliens can manifest more power on the earth.

The regressive aliens disguise themselves as peacemakers and guardians of the earth when all the while they instigate wars, famines, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and general mayhem to cause fear, terror, suffering, and death so they can feed off the energy those things create. Not to mention they stock their UFO refrigerators with human bodies to literal eat them. They get both the emotional energy and the flesh of the human to feed off (see http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/to-serve-man.htm).

Right now these things take place behind the scenes. Where the average person has no idea of what is going on and doesn't see it happening with their own eyes. But the day will come when the veil is lifted between our dimensions and we will see them and what they do.

Fear Not! We Are Children Of The King!

I give you this information not to put you in fear, but to open your eyes. Everything is not as it seems and eventually it will be facing us on earth for direct battle. Our victory is in embracing the human spirit that is in our essence as human beings who have a soul.

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Internet site reference: http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/reality.htm


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