UFOs: Former Naval Officer predicted 9/11

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"Be Prepared for a Major Attack... to get the support of the mass heard of sheeple out there" declard Bill Copper in June 2001.

Is there a disinformation campaign about 9/11?  These are the kinds of questions which the late-William (Bill) Cooper discussed in the above video.  Mr. Cooper warned Americans and the World on June 28, 2001.. months before 9/11 (on September 11, 2001) that elite backers of a New World Order were getting prepared to launch something "terrible" to subvert rights and freedoms, and would "blame the Arabs" for it.

Bill Cooper was a former naval officer, decorated veteran, short wave radio broadcaster and world renound lecturer and author, he was shot and killed November 5th 2001. The above video is his story as documented by documentary film producers.

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