Extraterrestrial War of the 1930's link to The First People - Humanity’s True Ancestors

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Who are we as humans? What is it that represents the origin of our species? You may think that such questions are irrelevant to daily living. Y’know, how does this question related to such activities as going to work, and getting paid, or picking up the kids from school, or having a beer with our friends while watching a hockey game. But, it happens that this question may be more important to us than you think. The way in which we, as humans, approach our daily living, and how me choose to “map” out the goals and priorities in our life have been all conditioned by our sense of self.

There have been many wars that have been executed and perpetuated because of our conditioned sense of self to behave as “patriots” in the face of enemies. We also go about our daily lives, based upon implicit views on the legitimacy of authority, that in turn has been the products of organized religions and other hierarchically controlled command-belief structures.

The multi-faceted oppression that we observe on the news from time-to-time spawn protests like Occupy Wall Street, are the fruits of the evolutionary progress that we have been taught to accept, as a species.

If we, as humans accept the ideas that forms Christianity, and other such organized religions that we were created by some kind of supernatural God(s), then we put our faith that God(s) will protect us and save us. Indeed, our willingness to put a broad-based blind faith into all sorts of “leaders”, arguably has its roots in the institution of organized religion.

The Darwinian Evolution Story suggests that we, as humans originated from primates, and have ever-since, been “evolving” as a species. We, as humans tend view our apparent transformation from primates into bipedal humans, as embracing levels of technology, which “progressed” into the current computer dominated “Information Age” of Ipads, android tablets, video games, investments into weapons of war, as a “necessary evil”.

But, what if both the Creation Stories of organized religions and Darwinian “Evolution” were orchestrated fictions. Suppose we, as humans, were yet to discover our true origins. We might begin to see our world from a completely different context. Things which we might have assumed to be of significant importance, but seem relatively trivial, and things which we might not have thought about before, might all of a sudden take on a significant importance. Such an awareness might even begin to transform the extent to which we, as humans, have been turned against each other in a capitalist world, in contrast to a context of love, empathy and peace for each other, as the spiritually interconnected species that we are, as humans.

Alex Collier is a self-described contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials. He suggests that there was a War in a parallel time line of the 1930’s, that precipitated when Nazi scientists of that time line brought lower dimensional Manipulative Extraterrestrials into human time-space. The Nazi scientists and the Manipulative Extraterrestrials then apparently travelled back in time as self-anointed “Gods”, that launched wars against humans.

Creation Stories and Darwinian Evolution could therefore be regarded as a “romaticization” of the genetic modification programme which this group had launched against the human populations which they had abducted, and would apparently ever since, seek to “divide, rule and conquer” through alien orchestrated ideologies.

You might enquire, if humans were not created by supernatural Gods, or evolve from primates, where did we come from? David Icke is an investigative researcher who interviewed African Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa, He elucidates on our cosmic human ancestors before Manipulative Extraterrestrials travelled back in time from the Extraterrestrial War of the former 1930’s, and the witnessing of the regressive alien entities that Alex Collier seemed to have described. These reported alien entities apparently recreated the 1930’s that has been documented in prevailing history books, after they had inspired the establishing of official our current history’s recorded oppressive empires

Please read the background articles below this article, for an elaboration of the alleged Extraterrestrial War of the 1930’s.

Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa says that he relates an account of human history before the Manipulative Extraterrestrial time travellers waged their interdimensional war on cosmic humans. Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa relates an account which he says has been re-told by elders across Africa.

Before the Extraterrestrial War of the former 1930’s that was used as a reported time-space “launching pad” against humanity, Credo Mutwa elaborates that humanity existed in an environment covered by mist, and with a sun that was totally different than the sun in Earth’s current horizon. Credo Mutwa in the above video describes the sun as having been a “splash of white light, moving slowly across the sky.” “At that time,” Credo Mutwa further elaborates “People could not see the stars” in the way that stars now appear on Earth’s horizon. Earth also did not have a moon.

Indeed, ancient Pagan Gnostic testimony uncovered by Dr. John Lash in metahistory.org, suggests that formerly, humanity existed in an ‘organic universe‘, and that humanity was subsequently captured into a “plastic copied” artificial holographic universe and solar system, with a sun, which reflects the “sacred geometry” of humanity’s Manipulative Extraterrestrial invaders.

Our cosmic human ancestors apparently existed in an environment of abundant fertility with huge trees in jungle rainforest like conditions, with plenty of water, in an Earth which had no desert.

Our human ancestors based on African indigenous insights were apparently both male and female in one body.

Then one day, out of the sky, came “terrible objects… shaped like balls… bigger than the biggest mountains”, Credo Mutwa elaborates in the above video. He further elaborates that these objects descended onto Earth and human populations with “great noise”. Out of those objects, Mutwa elaborates came “them” -- the Manipulative Extraterrestrial invaders.

Before the invaders, human beings apparently had no need for speech, and had great mental powers to communicate the animals. Humanity therefore apparently existed as telepaths, and the animals respected humanity as the custodians of Mother Earth. Humanity, in turm, respected the animals, in a broader context of mutual respect and with a recognition of each other’s spiritual interconnectedness to one another, and with Mother Earth.

The Manipulative Extraterrestrial invaders presented themselves to humans as “Gods”, and that they would impart onto them “great gifts” on the condition that humans would worship them as Gods and “Creators”. They then proceeded to “lie” to humans not familiar to the lower dimensional ways of the Manipulative Extraterrestrial invaders.

The Manipulative Extraterrestrials then pursued breeding experiments to produce the male and female sexes, and then eventually religious, ethnic, racial, and other divisions that could be exploited. When humans agreed to have the gift of speech and language, the Manipulative Extraterrestrials then used that opportunity to apparently destroy humanity’s mental and cognitive powers. Humans having been cognitively “disarmed”, and “retarded” could then be turned into a slaves to mine “precious metals” for the invading reptilian aliens called “serpents“.

Credo Mutwa suggests that our human ancestors (i.e. The First People) were neither created from Gods or evolved from “primates”, but, rather, looked very human in general appearance, and were beings of empathy, peace and love, who lived extremely long lives. Humanity now on Earth therefore has not been on a course of “upwardly” evolutionary transformation. Instead, humanity is being apparently “led” into its de-evolution as a species, from its former mentally and spiritually evolved state.

To understand and appreciate human origins is to begin to appreciate humans as having been de-evolved from a human being (i.e. The First People) so advanced, that humans then, might regard our technology of today, perhaps analogous to how we, as humans, perceive the toys that little children have, and play with, but of a much greater danger to ourselves.

Humans are apparently being “retarded” by the “world of artificial intelligence” that Manipulative Extraterrestrials have implanted into the human consciousness as representing “advancement”, along with the alien ideologies that have been used to exploit and parasitize our emotions and humanity.

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