Extraterrestrial War of the 1930's turned Earth into Colony

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Alex Collier is a self-described contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials. His insights suggest that Earthbound Human ancestors were once a part of an interdimensional population of cosmic humans. His insights suggest that a “First People” who existed on Earth before an Extraterrestrial War, were inspired by “service-to-others”, as a vital part of what it means to be human.

In this reported milieu, humans were androgynous, telepathic, and lived in a spirit of social justice and equality. But, after a “War of the Worlds“, Manipulative Extraterrestrials severed a small part of humanity, from the rest of cosmic humanity.

Based upon the insights of Alex Collier and African Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa, this small part of humanity, would form the ancestral pool with which Manipulative Extraterrestrials would seek to try to remake humanity into their own image.

Manipulative Extraterrestrials apparently sought to romanticize their genetic breeding programme against Earthbound humans ancestors through Creation Stories in organized religion that they sought to spread globally.

The apparent result of an apparent Manipulative Extraterrestrial genetic breeding program was, in part, to re-orient a “human gene pool” to a “service to the self-orientation”. In so doing, Earthbound Humans could be easily controlled and corrupted by Manipulative Extraterrestrials. An apparent alien service to the self-ideology is expressed through capitalism. The result was that Earthbound humanity, based upon Dr. Michael Salla’s insights, has become a colony in a broader “Federation of Manipulative Extraterrestrials” that originate from planets destroyed by their insatiable pursuit of greed and corrupt ego-driven power. Dr. Salla refers to this Federation as MIEC or the “Military-Industrial-Extraterrestrial Complex” of interests.

Earth could be viewed to exist similar to Hong Kong in China. Hong Kong citizens can buy into the illusion that they are independent, but Communist China maintains all the control.

Humanity’s embracing of a service-to-the-self orientation, based upon Alex Collier’s insights, have apparently alienated Earthbound humans from Extraterrestrial cosmic humans, in favour of de facto acceptance of rule by demonic Manipulative Extrarrestrials.

Dr. Salla’s insights suggests that Earth’s systematic problems can be explained by appreciating “MIEC’s” shadow on Earth. Dr. Salla specifically lists systematizied human rights problems, social injustices, illicit drug trafficking, and perpetuated war, as all being attributed to Earthbound humanity’s service-to-self orientation.

By liberating ourselves from a capitalist-based service-to-self orientation (that has resulted in the apparent destruction of many worlds that Manipulative Extraterrestrials have been into contact with), we as humans, may yet be able to save our own world.

Mr. Collier and Dr. John Lash in met history.org suggest that we cannot wait for prospective saviours, that would only seek to enslave us. As humans, the saving of our planet must be based on a conscious effort by us to embrace empathy, peace and love for each other, and irrespective of the present politics of “divide and rule“.

Mr. Collier suggests that we, as humans must decide between being a subjugated and parasitized colony, or the choice to embrace the rights and freedoms of everyone on our planet. Do we, as humans, choose to be a colony in an alien agenda, or to be sovereign, and to require Extraterrestrials to respect our planetary and human sovereignty. As humans, do we embrace self-deterimination of inviduals and national communities, or, do we instead acquiese to agendas that seek to rationalize the oppression of rights and freedoms?

If we, as humans, continue to turn our back on the plight of the Iraqi, Afganistani and Libyan peoples, we, as Earthbound humans, would be effectively turning our back to our future. The survival of our species on Earth, and our willingness to prevent the looming prospects for the destruction of our planet by an alien agenda, relies on our willingness to defend the freedoms and rights of every single person on our planet, as our sisters and brothers.

The systematized exploitation of each other for commercial profit, at the expense of the quality of survival of others, can no longer be broadly accepted as the “price of doing business”. We must begin to perceive the vitality and health of national economies, and the global economy as the expression of the quality-of-living of people, whose rights and freedoms are ALL affirmed. We must therefore abandon the capitalist model which aims at commercial profit over people and over our environment which on we depend for our quality-of-living as people, and for our planetary survival.

The rejection of capitalism does not accept totalitarian communism. Rather the rejection of capitalism, is the rejection of a regressive alien service-to-the-self mentality. It is up to us as humans beings, to develop an economic system which will respect basic rights and the self-determination of communities, over the acceptance of pursuing selfish exploitative goals,

It is vital that we develop a frame of mind among our human family at home, and internationally. There is no possible human justification for the oppression of basic rights and freedoms that is directed at anyone on our planet Earth.

If we can begin to perceive reality on our planet, including the current events that we perceive, as if those events were happening against ourselves and our neighbour, we may begin to return to our ancestral roots, as fellow cosmic humans.

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