Anti-Iran rhetoric linked to Extraterrestrial Politics

Dr. Micheal Salla links anti-Iran rhetoric to a Manipulative Extraterrestrial desire to seize control of Iran, toward the executive of a New World Order under their auspices.

Dr. Salla’s insights suggest that nuclear weapons has little to do with anti-Iran rhetoric.

According to Dr. Michael Salla:

It is very likely that the whole region comprising Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan is a vast energy portal that was strategically chosen for this reason as the home base for Manipulative Extraterrestrials known as the Anunnaki during the Sumerian era. The ancient Sumerians described in great detail the lives and activities of the Anunnaki, and Sumerians' descriptions have been translated by the scholar Zecharia Sitchin. We are presently seeing signs of a possible connection between extraterrestrials and energy portals in the region in terms of the Iranian flyer saucer reports that may be only the initial wave of extraterrestrials visibly showing up in the region.

Dr. Salla elaborates:

“The Iran flying saucer reports are a sign that major events are happening in the region in terms of a schedule relating to Stargates and energy portals that has not been disclosed by the 'shadow government'/Committee of the Majority.”

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