Extraterrestrials: District of Columbia Seal linked to Comet Elenin

In the last couple of years the United States has experienced months of unprecedented weather extremes totalling over billions of dollars in cost.

The seal for the District of Columbia is in perfect resonance with the idea that somehow such environmental disasters are associated with the approach of “Comet Elenin” or Planet X” which is supposed to usher in a New World Order. Some researchers claim that Comet Elenin is actually a square shaped Extraterrestrial Cube

Andre Heath’s further writes in this research blog on aliens:

Notice that on the right of the seal, the Capital Dome and the resting of Washington D.C. is submerged under water. On the left, a new Sun rises, as a New World Order emerges following the cataclysmic chaos.

Some researchers also claim that Comet Elenin has the configurations of cube-like Extraterrestrial Mothership describes in the Book of Revelation that ancient Pagan Gnostics describe as a regressive alien “script.”

Internet site reference: http://www.thealienproject.blogspot.com

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