Extraterrestrials: Elenin Cube reveals Dimensional Gateway to Hell that Humanity must avoid

My fellow human beings, it appears that a gigantic Cube-shaped phenomenon that is 1,500 miles wide by 1,500 miles long and 1,500 miles high is headed toward Earth. However, it may be also vital to appreciate David Icke’s insight on the need to approach such kinds of information with a desire for rational understanding rather than fear. Through rational understanding, it is much more likely for us as humans beings to be able to successfully deal with such an apparent issue.

Probably, like you, I would like to relegate such information to the vault of conspiracy theories which should be best heard, ignored and forgotten. But, when confronted with such an apparent scenario, being ignorant is not bliss. It is apparent that some kind of alien entity has been using the Bible’s Book of Revelation as a script to manifest corresponding events in human reality. These include 9/11, which corresponds to “9:11” in the Bible; the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill; Hurricane Katrina, Fukushima, and a variety of other events.

World War III and the approach of the “Elenin Cube” seem to be part of an alien checklist, which we, as humans, cannot afford to also see manifested.

Human understanding of the insights presented by the ancient Pagan Gnostics and elders in indigenous communities may be vital in our ability as humans beings to avoid an apparent alien apocalyptical agenda. Based on Dr. John Lash’s insights, regressive aliens that ancient Pagan Gnostics called “archons” and their operatives, were responsible for the creation of organized religions like Christianity, and the religious texts like the Bible, and with specific reference to the apocalyptical Book of Revelation.

Pagan Gnostic insights suggest that the operatives of the archons, are therefore responsible for executing an apparent system of events, and are apparently now seeking to orchestrate World War III, and the arrival of an “Elenin Cube”.

The ancient Pagan Gnostics also reveal that the archons seek to tap into humanity’s power of imagination to then simulate. David Icke elaborates that regressive aliens have engaged into genetic manipulations of humankind which have adversely effected certain elements of our former much more highly elevated sensory perceptual capabilities.

Leaked photos reveal to us the appearance of some kind of Cube-shaped mothership, which surprisingly seems to be shaped just like the Borg-Cube ship on Star Trek the Next Generation. But, how could that be possible? That makes no sense, doesn’t it. The Borg were, after all, just characters created for science fiction. However, if we, as humans, appreciate Pagan Gnostic insights, we can understand how real life could apparently imitate science fiction on television or in the movie theatre.

As humans, we know the Bible was written centuries ago, and according to the ancient Pagan Gnostics, it was written and proselytized through the operatives of regressive aliens. Apparently, precise description of a Cube destroying Earth was described.

Flash forward centuries after the formation of the Bible; the same cube was then portrayed in a science fiction show watched by millions of people around the world. The Borg and its ship is now in the heads of millions of people who have seen over many years, the devastation that it created in a science fiction show.

Pagan Gnostics describe the archons as “mind parasites”. Archons get into the human mind, then project “simulated reality” as projections from the human mind. It is therefore possible, based upon Pagan Gnostic insights that the archons have exploited the imaginary construction of a Borg ship, and projected that into the image of a Borg-like ship.

What may appear to us more and more like a Borg ship may be something entirely different. If we further seek to appreciate Pagan Gnostic insights, it is plausible that Borg-like Cube is actually and literally a dimensional doorway to Hell. We see this warning in pre-translated forms of the Bible which contained Pagan Gnostic warnings.

Ephesians 6:12 in the King James Version of the Bible, used as a basis for more modern translations stipulates “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” In sharp contrast a direct uncensored translation, indicates the following: “For our struggle is not against [human beings], but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual [dark forces] of wickedness in outer space.” – Ephesians 6:12 [the uncensored citation] LINK

Jesse Ventura’s programme Conspiracy Theory reports that elites are apparently “going underground” to prepare for 2012, as they establish martial law on planet Earth’s surface to deal with planetary rebellions at having been betrayed, alongside environmental cataclysms.

Alfred Lebremont Webre also provides invaluable insights. He suggests that many human elites have known of 9/11 since the early 1970’s as a result of time travel into the future. These same elites also apparently have witnessed the Cube related chaos into 2012. But, as Mr. Webre elaborates, that is not necessary the only future we , as humans can look forward to. Mr. Webre outlines that we as humans can either continue along the path prescribed by a Dr. Michael Salla described Military-Industrial-Extraterrestrial-Complex (MIEC) of interests, OR, we, as humans can elect to take a different path which diverts the apparent Dimensional Doorway into Hell away from our direction as Earthbound human beings. However, in order to achieve this, we, as humans, would need to immediately act towards some kind of “unity consciousness”.

One might ask, what is “powering” the approach of an apparent “Dimensional Doorway to Hell”. Based upon Pagan Gnostic insights, subterranean-based and other archons on Earth that apparently seek to “take cover”, are seeking to trigger human emotion and thought as some kind of “bio-electric” energy source of the Dimensional Doorway.

David Icke further elaborates on the regressive alien exploitation of human emotions. As the archons instigate destruction on planet Earth through environmental cataclysms and war, the resulting fear is apparently becoming the energy source for the holographic projections onto reality which are the products of alien suggestion. Henceforth, the tapping into the popular imagination of a Borg cube in a science fiction show becomes the basis of embellishing our human time space with symbolisms from the human mind, which can be used to then control the human mind.

Alex Collier suggests that, if we, as humans, can begin to bring our “vibrational energy” as individuals, groups, communities, and collectively on our planet to one of peace, love, and empathy, we will be both developing a human sensory awareness and a corresponding psycho-kinetic power which could be projected to repel the “Dimensional Doorway to Hell”.

Similar to the technique that a ventriloquist uses to “throw” their voices, humans may be able to throw their cosmic energy against the regressive alien Dimensional Doorway. That would include humans stopping wars against each other, along with the systematic oppression of human rights and social injustices.

When, we, as individuals work toward that immediate goal, we pass on that affirming spiritual energy into the human collective consciousness as a force of healing, which helps in the process to heal Mother Earth.

The archons have used capitalism along with organized religion to both imprison the human mind from achieving this possibility, and to re-focus human energy as a power source for the Hell that archons seek to literally bring to Earth. The apparent Dimensional Doorway which has also been dubbed by some researchers as a “soul collector” promises to permanently entrap humans into the bowels of destruction, in the hideous demon world of regressive alien entities.

The more, we, as humans can therefore free ourselves from capitalism, organized religion, and related hierarchical command systems of “Pyramid power” and oppression, is the quicker, that we can re-develop our multidimensional psycho-kinetic capability to elude the approaching “Dimensional Doorway to Hell”. The recently passed U.S. Defense Authorization Act which reinforces legislated Executive Orders toward martial law, is proof that we as humans, have no time to waste, if we are to save our planet from a “Dimensional Doorway to Hell”.


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The theme of the Archons should be considered always with great care and necessary limitations.

It is true that Archons can sometimes penetrate the terrestrial atmosphere and execute some activities, but those activities do not necessary terrorize humans.
It is wrong to say that the Archons are inorganic, and better would be to define them as super organics.
Ontology of the Archons:
They exist as an alien species independent of humankind working as programs operating human mental environment.

These archonic operations in human minds are necessary and more important than occasional physical breaching in Earth atmosphere.

Archons are not interested in programming through telepathy and suggestion the evolution of humanity. In fact the work of Archons is secret and cannot be understood by humans in the present level of evolution.
Sometimes Archons find necessary to substitute some human mind-set by their own, for strategic reasons that, again, must be kept unknown.

I have written of this hell in my book that already exists, don't know about no cubes though other than Bovril and OXO ones. Truth is Hell is real, but where is it really. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that it is right beneath the crust of the earth. People like Dante did not write those books without there being some truth to them, and now it can be bought on Xbox 360. Well the truth is that we are not alone on this baby emerald earth spinning so silently in the shiy vinyl void, we never have been. It is time to start loving one another, the demons hate it and it keeps their darkness where darkness should be - away from the light of the soul, the soul which has been subverted and relished as a part of the wholesale lie, we are food for them and nothing more, but they do not like the taste of love, so let's keep on loving and praying for that is not our fate. Let's attend the centre for a world wide hand holding conference and do away with these de

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