Mars Pyramid discovered - Do the same Manipulative Extraterrestrials operate on Earth

It has now been further established that there are Pyramids on Mars which as consistent with the design of Earth's Pyramids.  Are the aliens who constructed the Pyramids on Mars preside over an organized religious system which ultimately led to the destruction of the surface population?  Are these same Pyramid-constructing aliens planning to do the same to the surface population on Earth?

The Great Pyramids on Earth are linked to the oppressive Empire where humans were subjugated to elites.  Were these elites in fact, aliens and alien-hybrid archontic entites as suggested by some reseachers?

Are the Manipulative Extraterrestrial "owners" of the Pyramids seeking to return to Earth in 2012 to once again run humanity into the ground?  Is that the meaning of the phrase the "New World Order"?  Is the New World Order an alien agenda?  Does learning about Mars provide a basis of preventing a "repeat of history" on Earth? 

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