Extraterrestrials: NASA presents life on Mars

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Date of discovery: Originally photographed in March 4, 2004
Location of discovery: Mars

Now of course NASA tries to downplay the fact that this is alien life, although it is seen moving and then disappears. Only NASA has the video of it moving across the sand...which they refuse to release, but have released a Gif of an ear moving at the original link below.

You can clearly see its tiny legs touching the sand in the enlarged photo of the object. NASA is controlled by the US Government exclusively when it comes to announcements to the public. Of course they make an excuse and say its part of the rover landing gear, uh...like we were born yesterday. Why hide the existence of life? To put the USA ahead in the race for alien technology. This is their words below. SCW

NASA States: What Is It?

Like a rabbit in a hat, the identity of an oddity that looks like "bunny ears" in a picture from Mars has eluded the science and engineering teams. The public, also fascinated with the mysterious object, has asked in a slew of e-mails: What is it?


It is a yellowish object measuring about 4 to 5 centimetres (about 2 inches) long that made its debut when Opportunity's eyes welcomed Earth to a new neighbourhood on Mars in her mission success panoramic image. Meridiani Planum is a landscape unlike any other stop on our decades-long tour of the red planet. Still, it wasn't the conspicuous bedrock outcropping near the horizon that initially fascinated many people. It was the "bunny ears."

Internet site reference: http://scottcwaring.blogspot.com/2012/03/life-discovered-on-mars-by-nasa.html

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