Extraterrestrials: Archons limit Americans' access to Higher Education


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"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge," said Albert Einstein. But to watch the Democrats and Republicans produce their one-size-fits-all education "reform" is to see joy, creativity, and knowledge swept out the door.

Public education is under bipartisan attack. Schools are becoming mere test preparation centers; teaching means "teaching to the test." Students are finding that art, music, and physical education are "frills." In Arizona public schools, ethnic studies is now illegal. In higher education, women's studies are increasingly on the chopping block. But whose interest is it to deny the social benefits of a more educated society?

Many researchers include David Icke suggest that there is an alien agenda which has sought to maintain elite control. Through rationing critical access to a liberal education, the elite operatives of reported regressive alien interests seek to avoid the kind of rebellion to their rule which became pervasive during the U.S. Civil Rights and Anti-Vietnam War Movements during the late 1960. American university campuses became a principle centre of a rebellion against the social injustices of the archons.

George W. Bush's No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation, covering elementary and secondary education, directed states to assign schools a "failing" grade for poor scores on tests. Failing schools can be shut down or handed over to private management firms, voiding union contracts in the process. NCLB allows the Pentagon to recruit in the public schools. Failing schools are a favourite target for the military merchants.

Based on not one ounce of scientific understanding about education, school failure rates keep rising. Two years into Barack Obama's presidency, a record 48 percent of public schools were labelled as failing, surpassing Bush's 2006 mark of 26 percent.

Adding to this disaster, Obama's own Race to the Top bribes states by allocating federal dollars only if they adopt corporate-initiated standards and testing, and use the test scores for teacher evaluation. Recently, New York City punitively released these teacher evaluations to the media, despite numerous errors in the system.

The Bush-Obama agenda will only reinforce the country's deep social and economic divisions. Over 20 percent of U.S. children live in poverty, and it is no surprise that failing schools tend to be in poorer communities.

Schuyler Kempton is a 14-year-old student in Poughkeepsie, New York, an activist in the group Unite Left!, and an endorser of the Freedom Socialist Party (FSP) write-in campaign of Stephen Durham of New York City for president and Christina López of Seattle for vice president.

Kempton observes, "The idea that we all have an equal shot at success in this country is flawed, because, right from the start, children receive very unequal educations, depending on their economic conditions. That inequality continues on up through higher education and in their jobs."

Why such an anti-education thrust in education? Because policy never was about the needs of students for a good, well-rounded education that would help them gain knowledge, become analytical thinkers, and develop their full potential. It has been and is about the profit needs of corporate America - about the kind of work force big business needs at a given time.

Through rationing education, the archons who control U.S. Democratic and Republican parties can affirm their sought hierarchical control over society.


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