Extraterrestrials: Great Pyramids linked to Triangle UFO sightings?


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Date of sighting: March 26, 2012
Location of sighting: York, England

Are ancient Great Pyramids in Egypt and other parts of the world (which have also been found on Mars and on Earths' Moon) linked to Triangle/Pyramdial shaped-UFO?  [watch the video below].

Theforbiddenknowledge.com suggests that the triangle is a regressive alien occult symbol which refers to their God which the ancient Pagan Gnostics referred to as the Demiurge.  The Demiurge in turn, controls the archons, which the Pagan Gnostics referred to as lower dimensional artificial life forms which seek to parasitize the spiritual-biological beings which we, as humans, constitute.


A black triangle/pyramdial UFO was recently seen over York in the United Kingdom. In the centre of the the UFO you can see a circle. The odd thing about the circle is it is not perfectly centered but off to one side. This is a UFO that is actually so commonly seen in the UK since 2007 that they have nick named it the "Dudly Dorito."

Internet site reference: http://scottcwaring.blogspot.ca


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