Triangle UFOs: Great Pyramid Era's Aliens seek Return?

In the above video, Jaime Maussan shows a Triangle/Pyramidal UFO over a relatively little known French Pyramid in 2010.  Jamie Maussan in a famous Mexican investigative journalist on UFOs.

Are Triangle UFO's somehow connected to the Great Pyramids?

Are increasing sightings of Triangle UFO a part of a regressive alien build-up which are backed by elites who seek on Earth to become a "new priesthood" who act as oppulent intermediaries between the archons and enslaved human populations?  Alex Collier in the video below makes such a suggestion, based upon his consultations with Ethical Extraterrestrials who have sought to warn humanity.

In the below video, Alex Collier suggests that the alien oppressors who oversaw the creation of the Great Pyramids on Earth, and also reportedly on Mars and on the Moon, are seeking to return to Earth to usher in a reign of hideous tyranny and destruction.

Alex Collier is a voluntary contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials.  Mr. Collier warns that we, as humans, must use our current relatively small window of time to elevate the consciousness of our planet Earth, before these artificial life forms fully consolidate their control of Earth.

Mr. Collier warns that if we, as humans, don't immediately break free of the false reality matrix of regressive aliens that "history will repeat itself".  That means that aliens will return to Earth as "self-anointed Gods", and human sacrifice rituals will once again become openly practiced.  It appears that 2012 is part of an alien imposed deadline, which we must break free from, in order to avoid a new time loop of alien-imposed tyranny under a post 2012 alien New World Order scenario which may be linked to various UFO sightings.


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