Extraterrestrials: U.S. woman confronts Star Trek-like demonic entity

On February 29, 2012 a Tennessee woman confronted an apparent alien which appeared to somewhat resemble an alien character in a Star Trek referred to as the “Skin of Evil”. [above video]. Dr. Michael Salla as referred to certain parts of science fiction TV and film as “hiding truth in plain sight”.

Sighting: February 29, 2012

(MUFON.com) -- I was standing at the back of my deck. The deck is 12 + feet off the ground at the back of the house. It is a wrap around the house deck, ending on each side at the carport.

The time was at 6:40 am est. I know because I had just taken my daughter to the bus for school and got back home. I always make a cup of coffee and go out on the deck when the mornings are nice. The weather was abnormally calm and warm.

While standing on the far left of the deck , leaning on the railings , I felt someone to the right of me. My husband hadn’t left for work yet. I wasn’t frightened. When I turned my head to look this human shaped solid black , very dark black , being was standing on the other side of my deck. It was turned towards the field , leaning on the railings, seemed to be looking into the field. I was speechless, but not scared.

When it turned its head to look at me it began slowly moving backwards. The legs moved as if it were walking backwards, yet it was floating very slowly. Cat like movements, like when a cat is stalking its prey? The being disappeared behind that side of the house and I am still standing there like an idiot dumbfounded.

Then it peeked half its body back around and stared at me for a moment. When it left this time also slow it dragged its hand across the wood. The black hand is the last I saw of the being. I ran to the front of the deck.

Across the carport and looked, there was nothing there. While it was first moving backward I got a very calm warming feeling. Then I felt guilty because I had interrupted this beings peaceful morning? I never felt in harms way until it came back and peeked at me. Nothing was said but I got the feeling that it relayed the message," I’m not going to hurt you today, but I could if I wanted to."

So, now I am terrified to be outside after dark alone. Mornings on the deck are not happening. I keep every light on all the time.

This being was so dark black that there was a huge contrast between it and the morning light on the deck. There were No facial features at all. It was not another human standing there. I saw another Being.

The evening, presented the most amazing lightening storms that I have ever seen in this area. I think there is a connection.

I never heard any plane or helicopter or anything else flying overhead.

Several days earlier my daughter and I did see what looked like a huge meteorite or " falling star ". It fell from west to east. Didn’t associate that with anything. We see " falling stars " a lot in this area. I will pay more attention from now on, maybe they aren’t stars?

So , that is My "I saw an Alien on my deck story."

It is true. I am scared. I now believe that they exist and will start preparing to defend myself against them since I did feel threatened in the end. Like I know how to prepare for something like that? The light weren’t on. On that side of the deck that morning. And why was it at my house!!


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