UFO: Extraterrestrial worlds exist where?

In the past year, there have been so many more reports UFO sightings going on all throughout the world than there has ever been before.  These include orange fireballs that have been observed to the odd little white orbs that pop about at great speed.  Some of these orbs have been seen around aircraft.

I spent most of my younger days living at a place called Cuckmere Haven in Sussex; a well known beauty spot over here in England.

The cottage that we lived in overlooked wonderful white cliffs called the Seven Sisters. My father was a Coastguard, and he was often called out to investigate reports of unidentified lights in the night skies.  I used to go with him, and we witnessed many out of the ordinary happenings. One of these was a sighting above our home.

With all these events going on, it created a strong interest in me in the topic of UFOs, and the possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe, so much so that I have recently co-written a Rock Opera Concept called Starchild with Film/Music Producer Steve Du Melo. Starchild is all about the legend of the Starchildren returning to the Earth.  It is a story of Aliens, romance, and adventure.

I also have been wondering about the source of alien life, just where do all the recent visitors to the Earth come from? Where are ET home planets? Let's hope that if and when we do get an official landing from these new Worlds, it will be a calm and peaceful meeting of our races.


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