Alien Agenda: Elite operatives seek Trans-Humanism

Trans-Humanists believe that humans can and should use technologies to become "more than human."  It is apparent that so-called "transhumanism" is an apparent front that is being used by the artificial life forms called archons that ancient Pagan Gnostics described.

In effect, archons, through transhumanism, seek to encourage we, as humans, to view artificial intelligence as a "higher state of evolution", when it represents an apparent lower dimensional state.  Transhumanism embraces humans transforming ourselves into cyborg like entities in the name of "progress".

Through "Trans-Humanism", the apparent operatives of lower dimensional aliens seeks to guide humans to a future where nature is destroyed, and replaced with a an ego-driven and mechanical world of artificial intelligence.  In so doing, archons seek to affirm their control over humans. 


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