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Darwin's Evolution Theory and Creationism -- Alien deceptions?

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In the recently published "Darwinian selection continues to influence human evolution", Phys.org conveys a common understanding of our human origins. In a generally reputed sharp contrast, Church hierarchies advocate "Creationism" as accounting for human origins.  But, suppose both of these theories have been orchestrated to "sidetrack" humanity away from having a mutual critical appreciation of our true origins?

Could the explanations for our origins as human beings in the form of “Creation Theory” and ‘Darwinian Evolution’, have been spread into our civilizations by the operatives of interdimensional entities?

Gerry Zeitlin suggests that Creation Theory and ‘Darwinian Evolution’ are not opposing views. Rather, Zeitlin suggests that Creation Theory and Darwinian Evolution were spread through the use of operatives of interdimensional archons, in order to reinforce one another.

More information: http://www.examiner.com/article/darwinian-evolution-and-creationism-alien-deceptions-on-human-origins?cid=db_articles


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