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Ottawa: High Tech Forum brings Star Trek-like future to Convention Centre

One conference is making a big splash in Canada’s capital. High tech professionals, academics, students, and members of the public from across Canada, and internationally, are gathering in Ottawa’ s new Convention Centre. Ottawa’s Mayor Jim Watson proclaimed June 10 - 15, 2012 as IEEE week to coincide with the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2012).

The IEEE Communications Society (IEEE Com Soc) and the IEEE Conference on Communications boasts over 50,000 world wide members, and affiliate membership of over 500,000.

The ICC 2012 brings together in Ottawa thousands of the world's industry leaders, scientists, academics, engineering professionals, policy makers, and government officials to the presentation of nearly 1,500 keynotes, business panels, technical papers, workshops and tutorials held under the theme of the conference is "Connect -- Communicate -- Collaborate".

The Conference includes a variety of workshops and information sessions in almost every area of technology and communications that you can imagine. The conference brings together private enterprise partners together with public sector participants. Minister Gary Goodyear helped kick-off the Conference by making an eloquent speech on Prime Minister Stephen Harper government’s commitment to “creating knowledge” and supporting Canada as a centre of technology innovation, research and entrepreneurship.

Conference organizers are very friendly. Members of the public who decide to come to the last day of the Conference can therefore expect support in efforts to learn more about what the Conference has to offer.

Through the use of technology innovation and also redressing accessibility issues, Conference organizers seek to promote “better lives” for everyone, including peoples in the “Third World”. Conference organizers have not only sought to facilitate discussions on confronting current technology challenges, but have also sought to present a new vision of a future human, which will be modified and “upgraded” through “biological nano-machines”.

Members of the public who decide to visit the Conference before it ends on 15 June 2012 will be exposed to an eye opening forum on diverse elements of a vision of human technological progress

High tech researchers are working with researchers in the biological sciences to bring together humans with machines which will usher an envisioned “Molecular Technology Era” that will replace our prevailing “Silicon Technology Era”. Through nano-technology, the machine equivalent of parts of the human body will replace various biological parts of the human body which have “broken down”. In so doing, teams of IEEE researchers hope to extend human life. The cutting-edge vision of IEEE on a future human is reminiscent of some of the entities in Star Trek. Conference organizers convert “science fiction” to “science fact”.

The Conference will undoubtedly help inspire and promote the kind of cutting edge military technologies which might appear to some eyewitnesses to be almost alien-like in conception, design and inspiration.

A myriad of technological forums and symposia enable working groups across levels of governments, universities, and private sector who come together in Ottawa, and to plan working toward this future.

The Conference has also sought to be paperless with the help of Blackberry RIM and other partners, which help champion environmental protection. The Conference presents the latest of technology innovations through a wide variety of forums and 17 symposia, which are planning the future.

Vijay Bhargava has worked tirelessly to bring the Conference to Ottawa in tandem with his IEEE colleagues and corporate partners. He is a Canadian serving as the President of the IEEE Communications Society for the year 2012 and 2013, and he is a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

For participants the Ottawa Conference has been stimulating the scientific exchange of ideas, and the identification of future trends in communications, and the illumination of business opportunities. Students who come to the Conference meet with potential future employers.

The ICC 2012 conference has a balance between the industry and academia participation. The ICC 2012 conference has been expanded to include 18 Industry Forums with topics from across three technology pillars (recommended by industry), which details the latest advancements in communications worldwide:

As part of the technical program, the conference also has 27 Technical Workshops, and 12 Tutorials. The conference hosts a large Exhibition where participants they have the opportunity to visit and learn about the newest and latest cutting edge technology.

Executive Conference Chair Wahab Almuhtadi, who both the Executive Conference Chair, and a Professor at Algonquin College, describes the significance of IEEE having the conference in Ottawa.

“The Ottawa region is an ideal location for ICC 2012. It is not only the hub of the Canadian government but it is also a core Canadian centre for high technology and referred to Silicon Valley North.”

Professor Almuhtadi also details the amount of high tech companies in Canada’s capital.

“There are more than 1,800 companies in the area of software, telecommunications, photonics, semiconductors, defence and security, wireless technology, and many others.:

Professor Almuhtadi also highlights Ottawa’s commitment of research and development as the basis of bringing the Conference to Ottawa relative to other Canadian cities.

“Ottawa boasts the highest level of R&D spending per capita in Canada.”

“Ottawa offers the perfect venue for celebrating IEEE ComSoc’s 60th anniversary and exploring the newest advances in communications technology research,” adds the IEEE ICC 2012 General Chair Ibrahim Gedeon, CTO, Telus.

Invest Ottawa further describes why it is so fitting for the Conference to be in Ottawa.

“Ottawa’s knowledge-based sectors employ over 75,000 people within 1,922 companies and also boasts the highest level of research and development spending per capita in the country.”

Invest Ottawa is a not-for-profit organization with the mandate to facilitate the economic development of the region.

The conference has sought to feature a full agenda of keynotes, panel discussions and technical symposia offered by leading industry experts representing nearly every field of communications.

Key to this year’s event are also the 18 Industry Forums featuring topics related to “Social Networks: Impact on Quality of Life,” “India’s eGovernance,” “Cloud Communications Security & Networking,” “End-to-end Ethernet Management,” “Heterogeneous (HeNet) Network Deployment,” “Multi-screen IPTV,” “Future Home Gateway Services,” “True Green Data Centers” and “Enabling Your Cloud.”

Founded in 1952, IEEE ComSoc is recognized as a major international forum for the exchange of ideas on communications and information networking. The society is also an international sponsor of global publications, conferences, certification and educational programs, local activities, technical committees and standardization projects.

The IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) has been the flagship event of the IEEE Communications Society since 1965.

Last year, ICC 2011 was held at the Kyoto International Conference Center in June, and after the Japanese Tsunami which struck Fukushima.

Next year the IEEE plans to host the Conference in Budapest, Hungary.
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