UFO entity attacks Ohio driver

We often hear about people sighting UFOs and even alien life forms. In fact, many mainstream media have also reported such sightings. Prominent personalities, like NASA scientist and Apollo 14 pilot Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Aeronautical Engineer and NASA astronaut (pilot) Gordon Cooper and Paul Hellyer, the former deputy PM have claimed that aliens and UFOs exist.

However, very few people have every claimed or opined that the ETs are hostile. It is only in big budget science fiction movies made in Hollywood, or popular TV series like Stargate and Star World, that we get to see that aliens are hostile and have the intention of killing humans.

The recent UFO related incidents, as reported by a witness, might change our perspective that aliens are not hostile.  A witness has reported that his brother, who is a truck driver, has been attacked by a UFO.  The alleged incident took place on the 6th of November at 9:30 PM, in the city of Euclid in Ohio, United States. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

The brother of the alleged victim, in this MUFON report, has described what the victim saw and what exactly happened with him.

“My brother was driving down the freeway and he look out his window to see what he thought at first was a bright object in the sky moving at missile like speeds soon as he leaned forward to observe it the object swooped down at his vehicle and turned off his truck causing him to roll off of the freeway”

He also describes the reaction of the victim.

“He was also blinded by it and called me in tears to report to me what just happened he was a mess in tears

He further mentions that the victim, who did not believe in UFOs, was terrified at the incident.

And to be honest terrified to go back outside he is a 6 foot 2 big guy who is not afraid of nothing and also does not believe in UFOs at all until last night. “

The above quotes were edited for clarity. We request the readers to keep in mind that many reports of UFO sightings can be explained scientifically as natural phenomenon.

Even though such incidents are not reported on a regular basis, this is not the first time that a witness has reported an attack by a UFO.  Even in the past, people have come across hostile aliens who have attacked them unprovoked.  

Such hostile aliens are actually demonic Archons, which are regressive aliens that intend to destroy humanity. They are believed to be reptilian organisms which have evolved from dinosaurs. They want to destroy humans because they believe that humans are responsible for the extinction of their ancestors, the dinosaurs.


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