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UFO entities form Geometrical Pattern over Oakland

There have been reports of UFO sightings from Los Angeles, California and witnesses, who sighted the incident on the 6th of November, 2012 submitted their testimony to the database of the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network).

The incident takes place around 9:00 P.M. according to witness and it is said that the entity actually formed patterns that were geometrical over the city of Oakland and are said to be consistent with the “Archons”, which is an Artificial Intelligence described by the ancient accounts of Pagan Gnostic and been documented by Dr Lash. In the testimony the witness describes exactly what he saw and felt at the time of the sighting.

The witness describes the scene as he was sitting in the front porch at the time of the sighting with his friend and his wife due to the unusually warm weather at this time of the year when suddenly he heard his friend shout “What’s that?”

“We, my friend’s wife and I look at the pointed direction and viewed several objects moving very, very fast. As I recall it there were 6 objects that were moving performing strange maneuvers around one another.”

The witness also recalls seeing lights.

“The object emitted light of various different colours that kept changing”.

The witness elaborates on the movements of the objects.

“They were moving in very close proximity to each other and assuming their speed was an impossible task, however the moves they were making were not like any aircraft that was known.”

The witness after mentioning that the actions of the objects were not similar to any known craft also mentioned that the objects made no noise of any kind at all.

The witness expressing his amazement describes the moment.

“We were all so amazed rather stunned by the view that before we could come back to our senses the objects had disappeared in the East direction right before our eyes.”

The witness defines the direction of arrival and departure of the objects.

“The objects we witnessed appeared from the West side as of coming from San Francisco and vanished in the East direction.”

The witness also expresses his idea on the sudden vanishing of the unknown entities.

“Either the objects were flying rather fast or they had in some way cloaked themselves from view because all the action that took place was in time duration of 10 to 15 seconds only before they vanished in thin air.”

The witness defines the track of the flying objects.

“The objects were more or less following the high speed transit train Bart’s electromagnetic tracks. We live just a block away from these tracks.”

Lastly the witness promised to submit some drawings of the objects as derived by him with the report.

He further explained: “I am exhausted right now but would submit some drawings of what I saw with the report.”

All above quotes of the witness have been edited in order to clarify statements.

Witnesses have reported other UFO activity in California.


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