UFO: Vancouverite notices Green Fireball

A resident of Vancouver, Canada has reported sighting a green fireball in the sky, on the 15th of November, 2012 at 8:57 PM. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

The witness describes the location, time and direction of the sighting.

 I was standing on the south side of West 4th St almost at the corner(2blocks in) of Lonsdale Ave and West 4th North Vancouver, BC talking to a friend/colleague when I observed at exactly 8:57pm(20:57) PST a green object moving through the clouds heading in a North Westerly direction. “

He also describes its movement.

As the object passed over my head, it appeared to be descending and/or losing altitude, rate of speed unknown.

The witness then describes his first impression of the object.

First thought/impression was a flare then a unique meteor (see Wikipedia -green Fireballs)

After that, he provides more information about the movement and speed of the object.

Peripheral vision made me look up at the object. Green ball of light, comet like movement with a trail behind it similar to a comet, consistent and maintained speed.

He then describes its trajectory and compares it with another UFO he had experienced in the past.

“Object appeared to be moving in a specific flight path or trajectory similar to my close encounter sighting over house in Mississauga - Dec 31 2002 at 11:31pm.

Finally, the witness describes his feelings and actions at the time of the sighting.

My feelings and actions were obviously "What the hell is that" I tried to get my friend/colleague to look up but he thought I was playing some kind of joke on him.

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

MUFON requests that readers to keep in mind that many reports of UFO sightings can be explained scientifically as natural phenomenon.

Since the 1940s, Green Fireballs have been witnesses by people across the globe. Researchers and scientists have been unable to explain this phenomenon. The Wikipedia Article, provides a lot of information about the phenomenon of green fireball sightings around the world. 


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