UFO: Triangular craft hovers over Richmond Hill, Ontario

A witness in the town of Richmond Hill, in Southern Ontario, Canada has reported sighting an Archontic triangular craft on 23 of November, 2012 at 6:30 PM.


This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).


The witness begins the report by describing the exact location and time of the sighting.


Last night, my husband and I were travelling north on Leslie towards Stouffville Sideroad, north of Elgin Mills at approx 6:30pm.”


She then tells us about the direction in which she was driving and how she noticed the object.


I first noticed the object (I was driving) directly north.”


The witness also describes the distance and shape of the object, and also provides a brief description of how the UFO triangle was formed.


“It looked as though it was very close enough to clearly see that it was triangular. The distances from the left and right points on the triangle were much farther apart than the top point to the bottom.


She further tells us about the presence of lights in the triangular formation, and why she found it hard to determine the exact colours of those lights.


There were lights at each point, in different colors. It was hard to tell the color of the lights because it looked like the colors kept changing. There were 2 spotlights shining on what appeared to be the underside (or side) of the object.


The witness goes on to describe the position of the spotlights, the distance of the triangular formation, and the direction in which it travelled.


“These spotlights were on the far left and far right of the object - near the points, and pointing toward the middle of the object. It was between 500 and 750ft away. I pointed it out to my husband, and he watched it travel southeast (toward Markham).”


After that, she tells us how her husband was confused about what the object was, and also tells aus about her state of confusion.


He commented that he had no clue what it was. It was very clear, yet hard to make out at the same time (if that makes sense).


The witness also tells us about the direction in which, her husband thought the object was heading to, and also tells us why her husband was confused at sighting the object.


He also said that if it was an airplane/jet, it was odd that it was heading to Buttonville Airport - it was much larger than what would land there (biplanes).”


Finally, she describes how her husband is a skeptic and was still taken aback by the object. She also tells us how her husband lost track of it.


“My husband is a huge skeptic of everything unknown, and he was shocked and taken aback. It definitely did not look like a commercial aircraft. My husband lost track of it when we started heading east on Stouffville Sideroad.”


The above quotes were edited for clarity.


MUFON requests that readers to keep in mind that many reports of UFO sightings can be explained scientifically as natural phenomenon.


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i saw a ufo in 1985; i was 15 living at Steeles/Dufferin; woke up early 5.30am in Sept to a rotating, continuous hum; had a rotating satellite dish on top reflecting the morning sun in all directions. it hovered over north richmond hill, aurora (all farmland at the time). it traveled south to steeles ave and a little over our home, took off vertically in a quite hum.. incredible site.

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