UFO: Alien-like fleet flies over Chile stirs panic

Several glowing orbs, which looked like an alien fleet was observed over Santiago, Chile on the 18 December 2012, as reported by UFO Sightings Daily. The website, UFO Sightings Daily, is coordinated by Scott C. Waring. He had been affiliated with the United States Air Force at SAC base (USAF flight line). He currently owns an ESL School in Taiwan. In this report, Scott Waring has published images of the UFOs, along with several witness videos posted on YouTube.

Mr. Waring asks his readers to check the videos posted by the same person. He says,

“Check out these two amazing videos by the same person of these glowing orbs for over ten minutes!”

He describes the behavior of these glowing orbs.

“They sometimes glow; other times flash like strobe lights.”

He also tells us about his initial reaction to the videos, and also tells us what he did to have a clear view.

“At first I thought this may be a traffic jam above a mountain so I altered the lighting so that I could clearly make out the mountain that the UFOs were flying over.”

Mr. Waring further tells us how the orbs look in the photos posted on his site.

“These glowing orbs are far above the mouton as you can see in the two above (bottom) photos.”

Finally, he says that the videos are real and provides us with an update that many other eyewitness videos of the same incident have also been posted.

“These videos are 100% real and we certainly need more info on this sighting. SCW. Update: There are many eyewitnesses to this sighting. I am now including more videos of these UFOs taken by people in Santiago that day.”
As per the comments posted on YouTube, it seems that a lot of people in the city of Santiago were able to observe these orbs. In fact, some of them have even reported that they were terrified due to the sightings.



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