UFO: Cylindrical entity hovers over Arizona dump

What did a witness see and report to the Mutual UFO Network database on 15 January 2013? The sighting took place in Casa Grande, Arizona.   The witness reported a cylindrical shaped object or entity that has been associated with the alien spacecraft of the genetically engineered descendants of dinosaurs.


It was 8:00pm, and I was getting myself a drink and our neighbours kid came over talking about lights in the sky.

I told him probably flares or an airplane flying low. But as we went outside, he spotted the lights just across the street.

These lights had an orange yellow glow about it. It hovered in the area for about 10 minutes and the lights disappeared.

Five minutes later the lights appear again this time lower than before. The lights would dim in and out randomly before totally disappearing completely.

During this event me and the neighbour's kid tried our best to get as close to the area where the object was.

We listened for sound (was none) as excited and stunned to see this event. My immediate thought was call local police and see about how they can look in to the event.

I was told by dispatch to report it to a UFO website. And I did. After the object was no longer visible I contacted MUFON Arizona for the report.

This report was edited for clarity.


Cylindrical UFOs have been associated with the activities of Archons. In the Lacerta Files [above video], a reptilian alien allegedly revealed that their species travels on such shaped spacecraft, and also live underground, as the genetically engineered regressive alien descendants of the dinosaurs.


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