UFO accompanies Bigfoot alien Missouri walk

What has a Missouri witness now seen, and reported in 2013 to the Mutual UFO Network?

I am a member of a paranormal investigation group and on December 2, 2012 a son of one of our members went hunting in a rural area outside Rich Hill, Missouri at the Four Rivers Wildlife Conservation area.

While he was sitting with his bow in hand, he saw a large bigfoot creature walk into view about 75 from his position. It was approximately eight feet tall, and had broad shoulders and a large head. There was
fog in the area about three feet off the ground and he could see the head and shoulders over the fog and the feet and legs under the fog.The creature looked in the hunters direction but did not see him. The hunter had his bow drawn just in case it approached, but it didnt appear to see him. It turned and walked away using very large strides, covering a large area very quickly, then went out of sight.

After hearing this, the group decided to investigate and went back  to the exact same location on December 5. We arrived at the area 1 1/2 miles into the woods just after dark. We sat for a while and heard large footsteps walking through the woods but could not see anything. We found an area with 10-12 remains of fauns in one place, which is odd. After we had been there for some time lights appeared in the distance that were not there before. There were a lot - perhaps 80 or more bright white lights, which then started to move about they sky to the Northeast and North of us, darting about very quickly, leaving trails behind them at times.

Some lights were much larger than the others, and would move towards us and away from us at a high rate of speed. Some lights were the size of an aspirin held at arms length, others the size of a softball. One of the larger lights would appear in one place, then reappear in another in an instant. None of the lights had red or green flashing lights, they were all stationary white lights. The sight was unbelievable.

There were four of us at the site that witnessed this. I have film footage that was taken for 40 minutes. It was so cold that we were not prepared, and had to quit and leave. Five or ten minutes after I quit filming with my IGM2020 Infrared long-range monocular camera the lights all disappeared. It was as if they wanted us to see them and film, but as soon as I quit filming...

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