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UFO Sightings repeat over Norway

In Norway, two glowing objects have been sighted over the skies in Norway, according to a UFO magazine. The magazine also claims that similar objects were also sighted in the same location, in the year 1984. The magazine has published images of the objects, along with a YouTube video of the sighting. It has also provided some links to information about the sightings in 1984.

The publisher of this news article has compared the two sightings and has provided his insights about why he feels that this particular location in Norway gets so many visitors from outer space. Only further research will help us in explaining these sightings.

The Canadian is willing to do more research in this field, and inform the people about these sightings. However, we do not have the required funds for supporting such research. UFO readers have donated less than $30 to such research out of a needed $5000, and that until there is much more support, there will continue to be a lack of financial resources.

We encourage our readers to help The Canadian so that we can continue the research and inform you of the truth about aliens.

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