UFO: NASA photos reveal Saturn spaceship says astronomer

Scott C. Waring who edits UFO Sightings Daily makes the following report suggests that one of Saturn's so-called "moons" is actually an alien ship.

Enceladus that is apparently Saturn's 6th largest moon of Saturn reveals a a large rocket like trail behind it. NASA is trying to say it is water shooting many miles into space, but honestly how much water can a tiny moon have?

Clearly this is not water but a method of controlling the orbit of this massive ship while it moves around Saturn. If this were water, the moon would be spinning uncontrollably in orbit, but instead there is always one side of Enceladus is always pointed at Saturn, never budging from position. Also when I added light to the NASA photo we see that what once looked like a rocket-like plume now looks like a solid structure.

Whatever it is, it is obviously made by extraterrestrials. 


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