Alien-like activities linked to animal mutiliations

Recently a goat was found dead with no blood in it was found at the place Quebrada Corner. On a recent Sunday, in the town of Quimilí, locals found a dead foal with the same signs. Residents believe that it is strange. In Santiago del Estero locals discovered two mutilated dead animals and they were emptied, without the organs and bones. At the site there were no traces of blood where they were found. Local residents believe that it could be a strange and supernatural mythical beast called Alma Mule (chupacabra). The first case was a horse who was found in the town of Quimilí completely emptied. Now, in the place Quebrada Corner, a goat was found dead and bloodless. The animal had a very precise cut at the height of the tail, which would have removed the organs and viscera. After the information disseminated, the locals were the place to see the remains of the animal and agreed in attributing the fact to the phenomenon. Over a neighbour confessed heard in recent days, strange cries at night that could belong to the supernatural creature. Read more..


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