Extraterrestrials: Humanoid Face surfaces on Mars

Scientists have observed a sign of life on Mars as the Curiosity Rover has come up with an answer to one of the key questions about Mars. The answer has been given by evidence of water and certain basic elements that micro organisms could have fed on.

The first encounter with Mars was through Viking I Orbiter on 31st July 1976 when pictures were taken. NASA photographs had shown a huge rock formation that looks like the face of a humanoid. NASA scientists felt that the image could have been an illusion created by the sun’s angle.

Computer scientists from Seabrook, Maryland have come up with an analysis that the humanoid face has not been formed by nature but it has been carved, mainly because there is no evidence of sediments in the neighbourhood that may have been a result of natural erosion. They have also stated that the eye wall has a visible pupil in the socket of the eye. This `Martian Face’ could be a product of a geological cataclysm, as the remains of a civilisation that may have been destroyed by its sentient beings as signs of life on Mars have become clear through the Curiosity Rover.


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