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Alien creature appears in Tennessee

A Tennessee woman recalls how she had an alien encounter, while driving to work, back in February, 2010, at around 5:00 AM. This information has been obtained from a report published by UFOInfo.

The report describes how the woman saw the alien in her garage, while she was leaving for work.

“The witness was sitting in her Suzuki in her front yard letting the car warm up before leaving for work in Nashville. There was still snow on the ground from the last snow. Suddenly she caught movement out of the corner of her eye in the area of her garage.”

It describes the initial reaction of the witness.

“At first she thought it was one of her neighbor’s dogs. She turned to look and saw what she could only describe as an ‘alien creature’.”

The report then describes the features and appearance of the alien being.

“Its body had extra long arms, and its hind legs were very thin. Its head was very large and bumpy. It was pale in color and hairless. The creature appeared to be light grayish in color.”

It further tells us that the alien was moving on all fours like a monkey or a gorilla.

“This bizarre creature was moving on all 4’s, however, they way it was moving made it appear like a monkey or gorilla.”

The report talks about the height of the alien.

“It was about the height of a large dog.”

The witness was shocked and did not know how to react to the incident. 


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