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UFO: Massive Alien spacecraft Re-visits Sun

We can never get near the sun because it can easily obliterate any object that comes near it in an instant. However, what is this U-shaped object doing staring at it?

"In life everything is energy, every single thing that is out there" says Joshua Poet of First Contact Radio; and what could be a greater source of energy than a huge ball of hot gasses? Maybe this unidentified flying object is absorbing energy from the sun to power up its engine.

UFO Sightings Daily posted a report on December 26, 2013 of a massive U-shaped object near the sun. As Scott Waring, coordinator of UFO Sightings Daily, observed, the object "has all the symmetry of an artificially made craft." But a UFO fan seem to disagree.

 "Those spaceships are huge maybe 10 times bigger than the Earth!"

The photographed space craft was taken by the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), a satellite designed specifically to study this giant ball of fire.

On the video compilation of the said photograph, this UFO is found to be in various positions and angles, sometimes closer and at other times further away.

This strange space craft appears to be elongated at certain positions, sometimes it seems to be of U-shape and other times of triangular shape, depending on the angle of the object when the photo was taken. Still, the question remains: Is this an Alien spacecraft or a product of human ingenuity and intelligence?


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