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Alien-like Spacecraft Hovers Over Seattle Building

There was an unlikely visitor to one of Seattle's skyscrapers on 8 January 2014.

An eyewitness captured the strange object flying and hovering on one of the buildings in Seattle.

"This video was taken in Seattle you have seen here a flying saucer on the top of this building"

The witness spoke Spanish in the video as he described every moment of the craft’s movement. He also made adjustments so that the image will be more visible

"I made some improvements on the filters and that makes the image of the UFO much better seen"

The video was posted on UFO Sightings Daily, a website coordinated by Scott C. Waring former USAF, about UFO sightings and extra-terrestrial phenomenon.

The video ran for 2 minutes and 47 seconds, and the eyewitness was narrating while it was recorded.

The people on the streets and inside the buildings were oblivious to what this witness have captured on cam.

Strange red lights, similar to that of flares were also reported in February of 2013 in Seattle’s dark night sky. Eyewitnesses described what they saw.

"I saw these two bright red lights through the leafless tree outside our building coming our direction. There was a low cloud cover and they didn't look "right". Looked like red road flares but not on the road. I thought they might be planes but they really didn't look like planes. Too brilliant and just red with a whitish center."

Could this be the same object that was seen on top of one of Seattle’s buildings on 8 January 2014?


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