UFO: Alberta attracts Alien Activity and Sighting

(MUFON) -- NOTE: The following incident appears to be a part of a larger incident which apparently involves multiple sightings of UFO's, air force jets and black helicopters near the town of St. Paul Alberta during the period of late August into early September, 2014.

On August 31st, 2014, I was out at a farm near St. Paul, Alberta babysitting the cat and dog for my sister who had gone on holidays. At approximately 5:15 p.m. a sudden storm appeared. I hurriedly shut down the computer I was working on and then went up the short staircase to the living room to unplug the television and stereo. Just two steps from the top of the stairs there was an incredible white light that briefly completely blinded me accompanied by a deafening crash of thunder. A couple of seconds later, I recovered and proceeded to check the house for fire as I could smell wires burning. Nothing could be found but there was now no power or telephone.

I drove to the neighbour's approximately 1/2 mile away and he called the power company to restore power. The telephone company, Telus, indicated that no assistance would be rendered as there was no indication the telephones were not working and my sister had made an appointment to have a technician come out on September 8th. Thus, I was to be without a telephone for that period.

The power was restored at approximately 9:15 p.m. after which I had more work to do on the computer and proceeded to work at the kitchen table on the main floor. The dog and cat had returned from hiding and had settled in for the night, the dog in her doghouse at the east end of the house.

At approximately 10:45, I moved some materials up into the living room area where I was going to sleep, turning the hallway light on low. I returned to the kitchen to get the remainder of the material then went back down the hallway, turned on my flashlight and turned off the hallway light. I flashed the flashlight across the room to get my bearings and in doing so, flashed it across the southwest window which was approximately 8 feet from me.

Something brilliant at the window caught my eye and I quickly returned the flashlight's beam in that direction. I could immediately see two very large (perhaps 2+ inches by 3-4 inches in size) highly reflective, flourescent yellow-green oval eyes peering back at me from the blackness outside. For a brief time they were still and I moved towards the window. Then it turned its head to its right which lowered the right eye. It kept this attitude for approximately 2-3 seconds then abruptly disappeared from view.

Interestingly, I felt no fear at the time (although the incident started to bother me days later.) I hurried to the window to check below but nothing was visible. I checked the other window to the north but nothing was visible either. The night was very dark as the sky was heavily overcast. No facial details could be seen as it was observing me through the window screen which blocked the light from the flashlight. No noise was heard during this time and there appeared to be nothing aggressive about the entity.

To verify what I had seen, I then retraced my steps and flashed the flashlight as I did originally to check to see if anything in the room was giving a reflection in the window. Nothing I could do would create the image I saw. I then decided to go to bed as there was nothing else I could do. As far as I can tell, the rest of the night was uneventful.

I later determined that only from this one window alone, could anything watch me working at the kitchen table and avoid detection by myself and our rottweiler. It was also the farthest away from the dog who, at night, tended to stay at the east end of the house.

The next day, my nephew, an electrician, came over and re-routed the telephone wiring so that I would have telephone service. The wires were found to be completely burned off the cordless phone base on the hallway desk and other connections as well.

Nothing further transpired until one of my sisters called me a couple of days later. She mentioned that my other sister who lives approximately 1-1/2 miles directly south of where I was located was seeing UFO's in the area, coming in, hovering around the adjacent lake then leaving. Later, I was to find out from a third sister that the one by the lake had also seen jets and black helicopters in the area at the same time. I remember hearing the jets and thinking to myself "Boy are those guys flying low today!" though I was in the house at the time and did not see them fly over her area.

Another interesting point was that we have a neighbour who lives between my position and my sister's position to the south and his dog kept barking, putting up a terrible fuss at night and refusing to be quiet.

Another curious observation was that our cat and dog would be constantly watching the forest to the southwest of the house if they ventured to the south side. They seemed to be reacting as if there was something there that frightened them and refrained from going in that direction as they usually did during the course of the day.

A day or so after the incident I measured the height from ground level to the level at which the 'eyes' were seen in the window. The distance was 7 ft., 7 inches. Thus, this entity would have been approximately 8 ft. tall unless it was using some means of support. No scratches or changes of any type were found on the windows, screen or wall. The surface of the ground on that side of the house is very hard and compacted and there is also a concrete wall on which something could have stood.

I also checked on the Web to see if there were any animals that would have eyes like that at night in the beam of a light. Though there are in the area bears, moose, deer, coyotes and panthers which are large mammals, nothing had eyes like that or gave that kind of reflection when photographed in a light beam. The eyes, due to their size and shape, had to be something very different than our usual animals.

A few days after my incident, my sister from the south telephoned me shortly after 6 a.m. telling me to go outside - there was a red and green flashing UFO to the south. I quickly went outside and to the highway which is only site where the southern sky is not obscured by trees but could see nothing. A heavy fog blocked my view to the south so I returned to the house. I thought she may have been seeing and mistaking Sirius which is in that part of the morning sky at this time of year. However, she had said that the UFO's were coming, hovering and leaving and she was very afraid. That ruled out Sirius.

I feel that a thorough investigation of the incident should be attempted as there are probably a number of other people in the area who observed some part of the incident in one manner or another and who could help piece the story together.

I personally did not see any UFO's during this period but there are some interesting points to ponder:

- Did the lightning strike have anything to do with the UFO's in the area?
- What was it that continued to entice UFO's to the area?
- Was the entity that I saw part of the reason for the UFO visits?
- Was there a lost alien and/or craft that had come down in the area?
- How had the air force become aware of the UFO's in the area?
- What was the air force doing in the area?
- What other aspects of this story remain to be told?


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