Aliens manipulate Earth's Politics suggests Exopolitics

According to the "Exopolitics thesis" manipulative aliens control Earth from a centralized hierarchical command structure, and that business interests have been at the forefront of the sell-out of humanity.  This "thesis" is reflected in the below video clip from John Carpenter's "They Live".

Exopolitics also suggests that there are "Ethical Extraterrestrials" that include 'Human Extraterrestrials' who have sought to warn groups of humans about the regressive alien presence on our planet Earth that manifests in wars and other oppression.  Alex Collier is an Ethical Extraterrestrial contactee who has sought to inspire critical awareness about the manipulation of Earth by a group referred to by ancient Pagan Gnostics as the 'Archons'.

You can watch the video and then make comments below the video.


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