Alien Woman Spots Mars Rover

It has long been suspected that there exists intelligent life on Mars. Although no space agency has is yet to prove this, some images coming from the red planet seems to indicate that this is actually the case. UFOovni2012 from YouTube recently made the discovery from a picture of a feminine figure looking at the Mars rover from a distance. This revelation has recently been brought to light by after being reported on

When one looks at the photographs closely, there is evidence that the being looks like a woman with long hair partially covered by a cloak. Furthermore, she has two arms and breasts that are highlighted by the shadow falling on her chest. There is a contention that since it measures about 8-10 cm, it could actually be a statue. However, this is highly unlikely since it could have been easily destroyed by erosion.

This is not the first sighting of its kind. William Rutledge, an astronaut on the Apollo 20 mission said that he saw glass tubes with a length of 4-6 cm that which resembled tiny human skeletons inside the cigar ship on the moon’s Deporte crater. This sounds reals, and is evidence that there is life out there. This should be a matter of concern for all nations.


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