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Alien Being Paralyzes Witness in Anchorage, Alaska

A witness has reported being paralyzed by an alien being in Anchorage, Alaska on 5 September, 2015. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and was posted on 6 September, 2015.

The witness begins his report by saying that he was awakened by an entity while he was lying in bed on his stomach with his face turned away from the door.

“I was awoken by the entity. I was in my bed laying on my stomach, I turned my head back at my bedroom door.”

He also states that after seeing the alien, he turned his face the other way.

“When I saw it, I turned my head back facing the other way.”

However, he goes on to say that after that point he could not move at all and had the strange feeling that the left side of his body was getting sucked into something. He also felt that there was something wrong with his vision.

“I couldn't move after that point. My body started to feel weird, the left side of my body felt like it was being sucked into something, my vision was weird.”

He describes that his vision at that point of time reminded him of a television with gray, white and black static, and he could only describe it by drawing it.

“The best way that I can describe it, a TV that has the gray, white, and black static. I can only describe it by drawing it out.”

The witness further reveals that he saw an alien being which looked like a grey.

“What I saw looked like a grey.”

Then he goes on to describe the appearance of the alien entity and informs that it was a short and a very skinny being. It had long skinny arms but normal sized hands.

“Very skinny, a little bit taller then my bedroom door knob. It had long skinny arms but it's hands were normal sized.”

He also describes the alien’s facial features in great detail stating that although it had big, black eyes, it did not appear to have a mouth and a nose.

“It's eyes were big and black, it didn't seem like it had a mouth or nose.”

The witness adds to his account of the incident by disclosing that even though he was calling out for help, he felt that he was unable to actually talk or scream.

“I was calling out for help, and it felt like I couldn't really talk or scream out.”

He ends his report by recounting that at some point or the other, he was able to move but the alien was just standing in the middle of the bedroom and staring at him.

“At some point I was able to move around. It was just standing there in the middle of my bedroom door at starring at me.”

The above quotes were edited for clarity. Temporary paralysis has been a phenomenon common to a great number of cases of alien encounters.

Maybe the aliens paralyze humans temporarily when they come in contact with them to remove the possibility of an attack. However, there could be a much more sinister purpose like abducting the individual and studying them. It might also be possible that both these reasons are valid and like human beings, even aliens have different approaches when it comes to tackling the unknown.


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