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UFO: Are The Glowing Globes in Moscow Aliens

A series of glowing orbs have been witnessed by people around the world this month. Being seen in Florida, Ohio and Moscow, these orbs are too low and have a chance of causing damage to passenger jets at the airport of Moscow according to Scott C. Waring who edits Ufosightingsdaily.com.

According to an eyewitness there had been a number of orbs that had been hanging over the same place from morning to day. And this area where the orbs were seen in Russia is mentioned as Savelovskaya Zheldor. As hovering over the same place requires a lot of energy for a UFO, we are curious as to how they acquire the necessary energy.

If you live in any of these areas in the world, look up at the sky and you may get the chance of being an eyewitness to a UFO flying low in the sky.  


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