Alien Light Entity Freaks Out California Witness

(MUFON) -- Sunday November 15, 2015, around 9:00am. I was in my bedroom watching Netflix. As I was laying on my bed I kept noticing a bright light coming through my window. I went out back and didnt see anything at the time. As I went back to my room the light came back. At this point I thought it was someone shining it in my room to mess with me.

So I started to take pictures with my blinds open. It wasnt kids. As I observed the light, it would fly past my window and above my pool. It would shine purple and white lights directly into my face and take off.

I started to snap photos as it made passes but sometimes it was to fast to capture any shots. This went on for a good 2 to 3 hours until I left to get my daughter from cheer practice.

The day felt very strange after this. Especially with the weather how it was. I felt like I was seeing things that I was trying to shake off and say you didnt just see that. That night I went over my photos and found some disturbing objects that I cant explain.


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