UFO: Floating Crystal Pyramid Shocks Miami Witness

Date of sighting report - 2015-11-13, 2:22AM

(MUFON) -- By the way... only you may understand the crazy light I saw last night on the beach... As I was standing on the beach with my feet in the surf, a beam of light came from straight across the horizon over the water, then the source came closer (about 100 feet away) as it silently slid sideways to the shore, while floating about 10 feet off the water/sand. The light slowly narrowed to a faint glow, which I then was able to see it's source, a ******* HUGE CRYSTAL PYRAMID!!! It was about a perfect 50 foot crystal pyramid ship, and it slowly rotated as it moved around silently sliding thru the air. And as it spun, I saw that there were fuzzy spots in the crystal which slowly moved around (like energy beings).

Then it began floating away from me, south down the shore to South Beach where it then quickly rose up high above a building just barely out of view, but clearly known since it spins and sparkles like glitter, an iridescent crystal pyramid up in the sky... "F", my German Doctor friend and I also saw it as she was with me!


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