Alleged Aliens Hypnotize Oregon Witness

(MUFON) --Myself, boyfriend and friend were traveling south on Highway 101 headed to Coos Bay. It was around 4 A.M when we noticed the battery light come on. As we headed south for a few miles, the cars lights and electronics were flashing on and off and as we pulled over near MP 168 and the cars lights and engine died. We couldn't restart the vehicle. We exit the car to see if the battery had a bad connection but finally concluded it was the alternator.

We then tried calling for a ride or tow but our cell phones had bad service and were about to die. We didn't know exactly where we were and all of us were very disorientated. We eventually got a call out to someone to come get us from Coos Bay they were on their way.

As I look around the sky had never ever seen the galaxies and constellations so clearly like I had that evening. It was incredible. As I look to the south, my eyes immedeitly went to what I thought was a star. I quickly learned it wasn't a star although it could pose like one. It began to make sudden changes in direction and turn abruptly changing color and altitude unlike any thing I have ever seen. I then noticed other star like crafts maybe 15 through out the sky. They seem to be communication with each other. To my left was a mountain and as I look up I saw a pink like light or flash every so often come from the mountain behind the trees. I then went back to the car to let the others know what i had saw they had seen the same and agreed we were seeing UFOs. We sat and watched from the car with no lights and both doors open.

Both my friend and I could see Black/Grey looking beings move so fast past us to the back of the car. Unafraid I got out of the car and went up as close to the craft as I could for a better look. It was hypnotic the way it moved. My friend got out of the car and came to where I was observing and took a flashlight and shone it at the craft. As she did the craft was coming closer and closer. I told her to stop and sent her back to the car with my boyfriend who was in denial and terrified. I stood there looking for maybe an hour with no noise from craft and no other vehicles came by. My friend and boyfriend said it didn't move and inch. I had realized I had been hypnotized by the craft.

I remember looking down with my eyes and seeing little green beings stacked up in front of me as a flash image. when I physically had looked down at the beings a voice came through my head saying back up hear meaning look up at the small craft and I realized we were communicating telepathically. They had told me they had no emotions and were not going to hurt us. They said they were there to help something to do with the ocean. At some point I came out of the hypnotic state and made my way back to the car.

At that point we were still all trying to figure out exactly where we were when a hiker appeared and asked if we were okay. I said yes and asked exactly where we were and he pulled out his map and said by MP 168. I made no mention of my experience to him but could still see the craft I had communicated with. I went to point it out to the hiker it changed back into a star. As our ride neared we could actually hear the power being recharged back into our car as if a generator was firing up. Then our ride pulled up and we left for Coos Bay as my boyfriend had to be at work. I have digital pictures and an excellent video I would like to share with MUFON not the public at this time.


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