Near Death Experience Opens Gateway For Aliens in Nation's Capital

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(MUFON) -- My father's "Near Death Experience" many years ago could be connected to unusual and possibly paranormal activity around my parent's home.

Many years ago, he had a "Near Death" reported "out-of-body" experience in the hospital.

The "entities" who "saved him" seemed to have put him on some kind of "mission".

These entities seemed to have continued to contact him through his dreams which he claimed to be in "multidimensional space".

During the last 12 months this apparent invasive contact by these entities with my father seemed to have become more frequent / demanding.

Several years ago, long after my father's "Near Death Experience" I had multiple dreams that seem to pivot on a red gate. I had never seen this area before; but for some reason I knew that the place was another part of the same city that I had been residing. I remember waking up from these dreams with a "bad feeling" and being relieved that "it was only a dream". But since having these dreams I began to be weary that something 'bad' was about to happen in the future that kept me feeling somewhat preoccupied about the need to be weary and 'cautious'.

Back to the much more recent past, a couple of years ago, my father began to daydream more as if his conscious mind was floating in some other dimension. He would seemed to be "spaced out". When he would come out of these "day dream states" he would either constantly talk about childhood memories in the past or his apparently more frequent contacts with beings in "multidimensional space" that gave him somehow a source of 'solace'.

He then became obsessed with writing about the notion that humans should become members of a "bio-electric union".

I told him that it did not sound as if this entities sought to support humanity's "best interests" and that "such a construct that he wrote about seemed to have no regard to empathy that is vital to our human bio-spiritual interconnectedness."

During this time, he began to switch into a "dual personality" involving violent / psychotic states. One minute he would be his normal quiet self, even sleeping, and then from time to time he would wake up with a wild eyed look like he was truly possessed.

In this state of mind, he would make gratuitous verbal "out of the blue attacks" at mostly me in the beginning.. but would soon eventually be aimed at my Mom who remarked that she was "too much out of tears to be able to cry anymore."

My Mom shown symptoms of what doctors described as an unusual ataxia / aphasia condition literally overnight in which she began having difficulty to speak.

When I once commented to my father on his new apparent split-personality persona that began to neglect / abuse my Mom, he got this wild stare look again as if he was "possessed". He then charged me as I stood beside the refrigerator from the kitchen table. He then took out a kitchen knife pointing it toward my stomach as if he was about to stab me there.

He ended up almost cutting-off my little finger when I grabbed the knife to stop him that required me going into emergency reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation for six months. He has denied any recollection of the incident to-date.

I later began to look for another place to live that I eventually found, but elected to stay at my parent's home in spite of the anger and violence that was directed at me.

I then began having difficulty sleeping in much of my parent's home due to unusual apparent electromagnetic "humming" noises like some kind of wasps in your ears that was accompanied by an an attempted paralysis that I would constantly need to shake-off while trying to sleep.

My father then began to become angry at my care-giving for my Mom who had been an RN and very empathetic.

My calling the ambulance last summer when my Mom was not breathing also made him angry. He accused me of being an "alarmist".

He soon began to apparently find it easy to lie when he had abhorred lying and had once spoken of the importance of 'integrity' to him. His personality started to switch like 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde'.

He then got the police to evict me from care giving for my Mom the end of April 2015 with the support of my sister just after 2 AM.

Luckily, I had already found a place but had not finished moving into it. But, when I woke up tin the morning and began to drive out, I was shocked to see the very red gate that I had seen in my dream years ago.

I last saw my Mom at a "neutral location" outside my parent's home on 12 June 2015 when she had lost the ability to talk, speak and write.

My father under the apparent increasing control of some kind of non-empathetic regressive entities for weeks refused to not only allow me to continue to take care of my own mother under the police threat of trespassing nut to my further shock block all efforts by the police appointed social service agency to help my Mom.

Then some unusual cop who I nicknamed "agent 666" became determined to prevent me from seeing my Mom who I have sought to resume my care giving.

He came to my residence out of uniform to threaten me to stop contacting relatives about activities associated with my father's and sister's blocking of me seeing my Mom and began to threaten the agency that had sought to facilitate contact with my Mom.

My sister who had aspirations of power, ignored any abuse that I had reported about my father against my Mom, and had began this whole charade in early January 2015 that I had allegedly started a "domestic dispute" while I had been cooking for my Mom at the time. She seemed to have "hired" this cop who has sought to block my Mom and I seeing each other.

I had been cooking for my Mom, father and my sister who had been visiting from Europe, and who had taken my parents out.

When she arrived back with my parents rather than being relieved that she did not have to cook; she went into a bizarre state of anger which began to threaten me -- which resembled the bizarre state of anger that my father would spontaneously launch into from time to time against my Mom and I. That's when "my sister" decided to call the police to make-up the story that I started a "domestic dispute".

I also note that My Mom's brother ignored the reports. He has reportedly been a member of a "lodge" which may or may not be related.

It appears that my father's mind has been substantively assimilated by some kind of psychotic alien intelligence that is actively working with other alien operatives on Earth. This alien activity appears to include my sister and the "police detective" that she hired and a senior-ranking judicial administrator who appears to have reversed the desire of a judge that was about to approve an emergency motion for me to see my Mom.

It appears that regressive alien operatives have sought to participate in some kind of plan to keep my now sick and disabled elderly Mom (who can't speak, write or walk thanks to apparent alien operatives) and I from seeing each other for an "unknown agenda". In general, these activities suggest that regressive aliens in targeted areas of civil society may be seeking to "pilot" human hosts through their minds to then experiment on humans toward some broader take-over / control agenda.

"Organized efforts" to prevent my Mom and I from seeing each other which appear to be affiliated to "my father's" 'Near Death Experience' and subsequent contact by "entities" suggest a hierarchically-controlled command system that is substantively controlled by non-empathetic beings that conceal themselves in an apparent human form consistent with John Carpenter's film "They Live".


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