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Alien Spacecraft Witnessed on Moon

Date: February 2016.

Place: Moon’s surface.

Chinese spacecraft “Chang’e 1” was launched in 2007 as a part of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program. This unmanned spaceship entered lunar orbit in November of the same year, and then released its first photos of Earth’s natural satellite.  In 2009, after two years of continuous operations, its useful life expired and ended up impacting Moon’s surface.

However, before its collision, “Chang’e 1” sent dozens of thousands of images that made possible the construction of the first map of the entire lunar surface. This map was later updated with information sent by “Chang’e 2”, which was launched in 2010. In consequence, Chinese scientists created a new HD map with a resolution 17 times sharper than the previous one.

Using this instrument, ufologist and blogger Scott C. Waring found a pretty strange object stationed near one of the Moon’s craters.  “I found a ship. It is circular with tentacles coming out”, he stated on his blog “UFO Sighting Daily”. “It’s about 1.5 miles across. It is docked at a long hovering arm”, he continues.  Additionally, he affirms that “just above this ship is a small face”.

Is there any possibility of errors in an image with a resolution of 7 metres? Last but not least, Mr. Waring says something surprising: “the north and south poles have been blurred to hide some very large structures.”

For further information: http://www.ufosightingsdaily.com/2016/02/15-mile-long-ufo-found-on-moons-surface.html

1.5 Mile Long UFO Found On Moons Surface In Chinese Moon Map, Feb 8, 2016, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: February 8, 2016

Location of discovery: Earths Moon

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I was looking through the Chinese moon map and found some more anomalies near the old face I had found a few years back. This map is a full HD of the entire moon, however the north and south poles have been blurred to hide some very large structures. 

I found a ship, it is circular with tentacles coming out (colored orange). Its about 1.5 miles across. It is docked at a long hovering arm (colored yellow). Then just above this ship is a small face. I colored the hat red, and its face yellow to make it easier to see. 

Scott C. Waring



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