Solar System Reflects Alien Control and Domination

"They sought to overpower humanity in its psychological and perceptual functions... although they saw that human thinking was superior to theirs... For indeed their delight is bitter and their beauty is depraved. And their triumph is in deception (apaton), leading astray, for their own structure is without divinity."

The above passage has been taken from The Apocryphon of John, contained in the ancient Gnostic Texts of Nag Hammadi. Dr. John Lash has done extensive research of these texts and provides us with a insight into the its possible truth and relevance to present times.

According to these ancient texts, Earth’s moon and planets in the solar system beyond Earth, are the domain of lower-dimensional Manipulative Aliens. Dr. John Lash tells us that these texts reveal the truth about our solar system and claim that it reflects an alien architecture. The Gnostic Texts also indicate that Earth has been infiltrated by Manipulative Extraterrestrials that inhabit this solar system. The Pagan Gnostics referred to these Manipulative Extraterrestrials as the “archons”.

In fact, many God-like entities have been observed encircling our sun and reinforcing their control of the solar system. Many images taken by Nasa’s SOHO reveal alien devices orbiting the suns corona.

The ancient Pagan Gnostics suggested that "God" in organized religion is really the "Demiurge". According to the works of Dr. John Lash, David Icke and African Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa, the Demiurge created organized religion and the concept of God. The Demiurge and the alien Archons even control the elites and the rulers through bloodlines.  In fact, these researchers even believe that Jesus was actually a Borg who was created by these inter-dimensional entities, and they also claim that this fact has been mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

In the reported view of the Pagan Gnostic, this solar system is a sophisticated “virtual reality” copy of where humans originated from, before they were “trapped” into an alien-controlled “solar system”, where Earth is orbited by a “hollowed-out” alien moon.


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